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Posted by: Kathy Sellwood, 28 Jul 2008 1:41PM
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Massage - is there a maximum no. of hours you can do per day?

Does anyone know if there are any guidelines as to how many hours a therapist can do massage for per day? Or do you know where I could find any information? Basically my manager books in up to 7 hours of massage (this includes holistic and sports massage) and I was told this is too much per day by a tutor at college whilst studying for another course. I did query this with my manager but she doesn't give me an answer either way. If I can find some sort of guidelines I would be very grateful as I am currently drained of energy!! Many thanks Kat


Angela Rawlins
5 Aug 2008 3:10PM

Hi Kat I don't massage, but THAT is TOO much!! You'll end up with RSI. How much is HE getting???
Tina Maria Pritchard
14 Aug 2008 1:57PM

Hi Kathy I know that 7 massages a day is perfectly acceptable for top health spas, where a full body massage is classed as 2 massages and a back, neck and shoulder massage is classed as one. Where I have been employed in the past at a health spa, eleven massages per day are exspected from the full time therapists and I think this is totally unacceptable - a case of use and abuse!!!!!!! Maybe you ought to mention to your manager that where repetitive strain injury is concerned you can consider legal action if you cannot work anymore due to this injury - look at the therapist who sued Virgin Airways!!!!! Tina Pritchard
Angela Rawlins
14 Aug 2008 6:23PM

Hi I belong to an exclusive spa and the therapists are worked back to back AND are only paid about £6 an hour!!! The spa charges a LOT more than I charge I don't do massage but reflexology and they charge non-members £50 for about 40 mins!! It certainly isn't the therapist that gets that!
Tina Maria Pritchard
16 Aug 2008 12:50PM

Hi Apparently their are no guidelines as to how many hours/massages any therapist is allowed to do during a day according to a legal friend of mine. Spas and large companies can do pretty much as they please!! The way they look at it - catch them fresh out of college, work them to the bone and spit them out !!!! I know of many therapists who have RSI and the managers have told them if they can't do the job then leave. What an attitude, it makes my blood boil !! Have you noticed as well the companies are all 'INVESTORS IN PEOPLE' So for example - we visit a lovely health spa - everyone on the surface is so chilled out - what a great relaxing day we are having........ What is really happening is as you say Angela each treatment is back to back, with SECONDS between them. Therapists are worn out and about to start another session where the client needs a chilling out moment. How can they possibly deliver when they are stressed themselves after having already given 4 full body massages, 3 back, neck and shoulder massages and 2 reflexology treatments !!! A friend of mine is also 'on the case' and she is desperately try to get hold of 'health and safety' to find out more info so 'watch this space'. What do other therapists think about this and does the guild have any guidelines in place ? You know what, working in a spa is great and I really enjoyed my time there but isn't about time the companies started to value their employees a bit more and respect them as gifted individuals instead of robots! Tina
Olivia Goodfellow
17 Aug 2008 11:24PM

Hi there, well, there is no limit to the number of massages that you do as long as you are fit and able to do them.I see 10 clients per day for 2 days a week in the City and then about 5-7 people privately.The problems arise when you are using your fingers and thumbs to do the heavy duty stuff-soooooooo why not look at the No Hands Massage website and enrol for a transforming Touch weekend-I honestly work with between 10-18 guys per week and this includes sportsmen who are runners and boxers! I train therapists in deep tissue massage and find that so many of you are burnt out and scared of the effects that your work is having on your bodies-listen up please!! I am in my 40s-ouch and have never been so busy, so look at the no hands website and get on the road to injury prevention and lasting motivation for you valuable work. Olivia
Tina Maria Pritchard
18 Aug 2008 2:10PM

Hi Olivia I think that you have a valuable point there and one which all therapists should consider. Maybe 'no hands' should be included as an extra part in massage practicals from the very begining of our training so that we can be protected from day 1..............Something for tutors to take on board and also something for company's to consider as extra training for their employees so that they can get the best from their staff. Tina
Kathy Sellwood
18 Aug 2008 2:55PM

Check out my other post today 'suspended from work'
Angela Rawlins
18 Aug 2008 3:38PM

Hi Get in there quick! I have been sent a disc and a leaflet advertising good deal if you book up in August - go for it. I've seen it done - really good. Make sure you all warm up your hands, fingers etc before starting and in between to avoid RSI. When I trained in Reflexology, we were not taught to warm up first.
Tina Maria Pritchard
19 Aug 2008 9:07AM

Hi Angela Can you send details - dandt.pritchard@btinternet.com Many thanks Tina
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