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Posted by: Kathryn Kemp, 12 Apr 2012 9:58PM
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Massage after Laser Eye Surgery

Hi, has anyone any experience of massage following laser eye surgery.? I have a lady wanting massage for painful hips but she very recently had laser eye surgery. I know 'surgery' is contraindicated but she wants me to proceed saying 'she is fine'. One friend has said she would go ahead with the client in a side lying position, another has said she wouldn't touch her for at least 4 weeks. Any thoughts.? Regards Kathryn


Frank Thorogood
13 Apr 2012 6:19AM

Hi, I have myself recently had laser eye surgery and have had no problems in any way since. I would suggest that in my experience there is no reason why you should not be able to give her massage treatment. After all you will not be massaging her eye. Frank Thorogood
Angela Rawlins
13 Apr 2012 8:07AM

Hi I had replacement eye lens's replaced last year! It was really great, do it again if I needed. Right, I think if it's very recent ie before 3 months, she should not put her face in a face cradle or perhaps face hole so as she has downward pressure. I don't massage and it's only my opinion, but I find when I use a face hole, my sinuses block up!
Kathryn Kemp
13 Apr 2012 8:39AM

Thanks - my thoughts were around the pressure via the face hole and possible increase in bp as it is remedial/deep tissue she is seeking. She wants the treatment tomorrow and only had the 'surgery' yesterday. She tells me she had a local anaesthetic and the laser lasted "seconds", there was no 'cutting'. I've raised my concerns with her but she wants to go ahead - disclaimer to be signed me thinks... ;-)
Angela Rawlins
13 Apr 2012 2:28PM

Ummmmm, well try and think of a way to cushion her face when she's face down. Please write a disclaimer with that you have recommended that she does not have massage laying on her face and she does so at her own risks. I feel it is unwize but there you are. When I'd had an op to remove a cyst on my eye lid many years ago, I made the mistake of bending down to tie my lace - I ended up with a black eye that took 2 months to go!!
Kathryn Kemp
13 Apr 2012 2:49PM

Thanks Angela, I'd advised her to wait a while but she is quite insistent due to the discomfort in her hip. I'll explain again to her and ask her to sign a disclaimer accordingly then work with her side lying if she insists in going ahead. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Kind regards Kathryn
Kathryn Kemp
13 Apr 2012 3:09PM

I decided to call a Laser Eye Clinic to put my mind at ease - they have advised a two week wait... ;-)
Angela Rawlins
13 Apr 2012 3:31PM

There you go! It's the gravity I was thinking of. Poor lady must be in a lot of pain with her hip.
Angela Rawlins
13 Apr 2012 3:31PM

Give her some Reiki
Kathryn Kemp
13 Apr 2012 3:38PM

Hi Angela, I tried that, she won't have Reiki... ;-)
Nicki Lee
17 Apr 2012 3:51PM

I think you are quite right to stick to your guns about not treating, you're the expert and not the client. I always tell clients that we both have a 'veto' - I won't do anything they don't agree to, and I also won't do anything I don't believe is safe. They don't always entirely like it, but they respect it. With this lady, depending on why the advice was to wait 2 weeks (because of face down, or in general? Has she been advised to curtail exercise, for example?) you may suggest some gentle hip/piriformis and hamstring stretches which she can do herself lying on her back. This may be enough to give her some comfort and relief until you can do a massage. Nicki
Kathryn Kemp
17 Apr 2012 3:59PM

Hi Nicki, hope you are well. I rang the clinic for peace of mind and was advised to wait two weeks. I'm afraid she isn't the kind of client to try other things like exercise or stretching - I tried. Anyway, as I advised her when she rang and tried again this morning, only one more week go.! ;-)
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