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Posted by: Aleksandra Jawulska, 15 Aug 2013 3:07PM
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Massage Agencies

Hello everyone, These forums have been very helpful in the past, as you all seem to want to share info which is great! At the moment I am working at a spa which I want to move on from to pursue part-time self employment. One suggestion given to me was to apply to agencies whereby I would be hired on a daily basis as needed, and could potentially earn a wage that was more reflective of the treatment I'm providing than the current low hourly wage I receive. This would give me the opportunity to check out other places as well as have the freedom to start my own thing on the side. My question is, can anyone suggest any agencies in the central London area? Keeping in mind that I am not a beauty therapist and do really value my work and the energy exchange component of it....? Or at least any advice on the subject... Anything would be appreciated. Wishing you all a great day :)


Helen Albea
5 Sep 2013 4:32PM

Hi, did you find any good agencies? I can recommend thies one Inspirit: http://www.inspiritmassage.co.uk/contact I havent been in contact with Anna for a while as I got full time work but assume she is still running the agency
Aleksandra Jawulska
5 Sep 2013 4:57PM

Hello :) Thanks do much, you're the first person to suggest an agency that sounds promising . I'll definitely look into it! Thanks again
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