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Posted by: Janice Hamilton, 7 Apr 2011 5:12PM
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Massage Bed

I would like to invest in a new hydraulic massage bed and am having difficulty in finding a supplier. Can anyone suggest a reputable supplier and is there anywhere you can view these things before buying? Thanks in anticipation. Regards Janice


Bridgette Bradley
7 Apr 2011 6:36PM

Hi janice. If you want one of the best buy a plinth 2000. These are used by Physio s at sporting events Such as Wimbledon. These were used by my College and are of quality and will last you a long Time. I don't think there are a great choice of suppliers But the medical supplies website have them. Just Google plinth 2000. They do a luxury padded version For holistic therapists and beauty. Hope this helps. B
Janice Hamilton
11 Apr 2011 10:44AM

Thanks Brigitte for your help. Regards Janice
Pamela Bracken
12 Apr 2011 3:42PM

You could try PhysioMed, they have an exccellent range Pam
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