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Posted by: Karen Panter, 12 Feb 2007 2:28PM
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Massage Couches

I am studying a holistic massage course, and need to buy a couch that will be suitable for this, and aromatherapy treatments as well. There are so many around does anyone have any companys that are good or equally should be avoided.


Roushan Martens
13 Feb 2007 11:19AM

Hi Karen, I have a New Concept table, which is great, and has lasted me really well. I have looked on the internet, though, and am not sure they are still operating. Oakworks are supposed to be really good. Be very careful if you buy anything from e-bay, as I had my fingers burned buying a really cheap couch on e-bay last year, that broke about 3 months after I bought it, and e-bay told me they wouldn't get involved after this time period. The vendor admitted the table was badly made, but couldn't afford to refund me! Stick to a good make, and I'm sure even second-hand ones will be fine. Hope that helps.
Janet Beetham
13 Feb 2007 1:58PM

I have had a Marshcouch adjustable couch for 10+ years and it is still going strong. www.marshcouch.com.
Karen Panter
14 Feb 2007 8:14AM

Thanks for the advice.
Jaquie Blaney
19 Feb 2007 12:06AM

Hi Karen, I'd recommend talking to David or Helen at The Massage Table Store www.massagetablestore.co.uk. Great selection, great value and sound advice. If they're still advertising DON'T purchase from Darley Couches, they've gone bust as I have sorely found out!! Hope this helps!
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