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Posted by: Nissa Dewshi, 16 Jan 2012 10:59PM
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massage couches

Im looking to buy a massage couch that adjusts in height to around 32-34'' and is fairly reasonable priced but good quality. Any suggestions on websites or reccommendations?


Amanda Clegg
16 Jan 2012 11:25PM

I looked at loads and opted to pay quite a lot more for an Oakworks one. 81/2 years later all I have had to do is re-glue the velcros to the headrest cradle (today!). It's cover is perfect and the padding is as new, and I use it 4 days a week plus cart it round in my car. Also the carry bag has lasted all this time too. Worth every penny. Height adjust is brill as easy to work on different clients plus I have started to work at a lower level myself which I find easier (see mini video on Jing's website). I also have a couple of disabled clients so I can set it a bit lower at one end for them. Didn't go for the optional inclining section as it added too much to the weight, but fine with a couple of pillows or a wedge. Got mine at the Massage Table Store in Glos.
Janice Hamilton
17 Jan 2012 12:19PM

Like Amanda, I looked at loads before choosing and I went for the Portalite Delta Lightweight from Massage Warehouse. I found them to be very helpful, there's someone there to talk to therapists if you're unsure and to answer appropriate questions, also they kept you posted with regard to despatch of your order and were helpful when I asked for it to be delivered as early as possible. The massage couch itself is FANTASTIC - what a difference to the New Concept, wooden based one I started off with - it's so light and easy to put up and down and move around as it's made from aluminium. It has 6.5 cm of padded foam upholstery which my clients have commented on - they really felt the difference when I changed and I have a bit of difficulty getting them off the thing, ha, ha! The other thing is that it is a massage bed which adjusts to the client's weight and also there's give in it when you are exerting really heeavy pressure with the massage, unlike the wooden base. It allows you to get your legs under it at both ends, which is important if you want to do the client's head or are doing a reiki or face treatment, it is height adjustable from 23 to 33 inches (58~86cms) - great for the Hands Free Massage, when you keep the bed low and it comes in 3 different widths, (speak to Massage Warehouse if you're unsure what width would be best for you, keeping in mind your height and also how big the average client is) with a 5 year warranty and free carry case and also has a detachable face cradle which fits both ends of the bed. Hope this helps and good luck.
Nicki Lee
17 Jan 2012 6:27PM

Hi, You don't say if you are mobile or have a permanent location - they cost more but I would urge you to consider an electric or hydraulic adjustable couch if you can set it up permanently. As I said it does cost more, but if you plan to work full time, especially with massage, it quickly pays you back by letting you use safe ergonomics and correct posture when working. In an hour's treatment I will often adjust it 4 or more times for the optimum height for the part of the body I'm working on. I love my Darley, but sadly they are now out of business - Possibly gave too many good deals! Best of luck, Nicki
Amanda Clegg
17 Jan 2012 6:33PM

I'd LOVE to have a dedicated room to work in - so envious of friend's hydraulic job. Mind you, the upholstery on most I've been on is not nearly as comfy as my Oakworks.
George Dunmow
19 Jan 2012 10:10AM

Hi Nissa, Marsh Couches in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Made to measure couches ata fair price.
Nissa Dewshi
19 Jan 2012 1:11PM

thanks for all your replies. I do have a treatment room so dont necessarily need a portable couch. After reading the comments I am not sure whether it is beneficial to pay more for a hydraulic couch or just one I can adjust so it is right for my height. im 5 foot 7.5 inches and my couch isn't high enough. Are the hydraulic ones better quality wise and for my posture or height adjustable just good enough?
Amanda Clegg
19 Jan 2012 5:28PM

I'm 5'11 and my Oakworks is great - I actually work with it on the 2nd or 3rd hole down from highest - see the videos on Jing's website - should be below knuckle level if you're standing with hands slightly cupped. Also, it's hourglass shaped, so plenty of space for broader shoulders and you can get in close so minimises the twist on your back.
Kerry Oliver
19 Jan 2012 9:38PM

wondering do you need to order oakworks couch from the U.S?
Amanda Clegg
19 Jan 2012 11:46PM

Is the Massage Table Store still around: they used to be in east london somewhere and branch near ~Gloucester
Amanda Clegg
19 Jan 2012 11:48PM

Just doen a quick google - http://massagetablestore.com/contact they've moved up to the midlands.
Kerry Oliver
20 Jan 2012 9:12AM

thanks for that info Amanda, could only get U.S. stores when I googled
Amanda Clegg
20 Jan 2012 3:13PM

on your left screen should be a 'uk sites only' option t filter your search!
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