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Posted by: Angela Watson, 4 Feb 2008 8:05PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Massage Exchange.com

Does anyone have any experience of using this - or similar- sites? It seems like a great idea where therapists can register interest in swapping massage but the subscription seems to put folk off from getting any further - there doesn't seem to be much actual exchange going on ( in the Glasgow / Edinburgh area). I have 'greeted' a couple of people tonight, hoping for replies and a free massage. Tha subscription isn't bad if you get connected and get those free massages but it seems to be a leap of faith!


Grace Boateng
1 Apr 2008 12:31PM

I registered with this site ages ago. I've not paid the subscription fee. Because I've not paid I can't access the discusiion forum. Within minutes of registering I got lots of requests from men wanting to swap. I decided to change my profile to say I wanted to swap with women only. At the moment I've not got much spare time to do swaps so might unsubscribe from the site. I did look at the write ups about swaps and it seems that some people do lots and lots of swaps.
Angela Watson
1 Apr 2008 2:45PM

Shortly after I posted this question I got linked up with a therapist just 2 miles away! However, I think it was just good luck. She said she also had to change her profile as she was swamped with male replies from all over and even abroad ( Hm ?! ) When I looked up male profiles for a male friend there did seem to be some who were obviously looking out exclusively for women despite the site's stipulation that it shouldn't be used as a dating site. People do seem to register then get too busy and dissapear from circulation. I have been fortunate but I would advise women to err on the side of caution.
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