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Posted by: Hilary John , 24 Jan 2011 6:00PM
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Massage for a new mum

Hello all please can any one tell me when it is ok/safe to give a massage to someone who has recently given birth (by recently i mean last 7 days)? would it be possible to help me out with the info for both options of a natural birth and a cesarean? obviously i understand there might be complications with both options that would cause contraindications but just a general overview would be awesome - so far i have researched "straight away is fine..." and "you should wait 6 - 10 weeks after birth..." so i am a little bit confused. thank you in advance for your help. Hilary


Rona Gray
24 Jan 2011 6:50PM

I'd have thought it would depend what you are talking about: IHM/neck shoulder massage or a full body??/but i expect someone with a pregnancy qualification will be able to give you a fuller answer...and a caesarian would also make a big difference i would think!
Hilary John
24 Jan 2011 7:01PM

hello its actually a full body massage on someone who gave birth last week i have been asked to do, not sure yet what the details of the birth are at the moment hence wanting the two options if possible. thanks
Yvonne Jevons
25 Jan 2011 2:38PM

Hi, A couple of points here from my experience: - having had a c-section myself some years ago I would have thought it highly unlikely a woman would request a full body massage 7 days post birth, as she is likely to be extremely tender and unable to lie on her front for any length of time if at all - but who knows. - I would recommend a very light and gentle massage, certainly not deep tissue - if you plan to use essential oils, ensure you use extremely high quality therapeutic grade oils and choose oils which will not stimulate bleeding or irritate baby if the mum is breastfeeding. Unless there have been some major complications, there is no reason why a gentle, light massage shouldn't be given to a new mum - she deserves the pampering and easing of her body after the birth experience. I can highly recommend a new book out, which is an excellent tool for practitioners and families alike 'Pregnancy and Birth - A New Generation' by Joy Wisdom. Available on www.allonus.co.uk website. Joy has specialised in pregnancy and childbirth for many years and is a Cranio Sacral Therapist and Reflexologist amongst many other qualifications. Hope that helps.
Hilary John
25 Jan 2011 8:31PM

hello thank you for your response it was very helpful. it was a friend of the new mum who had requested the massage and i didnt want to get back to her before i had some further information. it was a c section and there were complecations so i have said that i am not prepareed to do a massage for a few weeks at least, until she is better! thank you for your help though! regards Hilary
Rona Gray
25 Jan 2011 8:42PM

Sounds like a wise decision...I think a wee bit shoulders and neck, seated, might be ok when she gets "all clear" and comfortable sitting...sounds like friend trying to be helpful but not being aware of whats involved! hope she comes back later
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