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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 21 Oct 2013 2:45PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Massage oils - Argan

Hi, we want to make our clinic stand out by what we use. We thought of advertising we use argan oil. Any thoughts on this. Other salons by us offer Elemis, aromatherapy blends, and such like. Any ideas on what we could specialise in using? Thanks a lot Jane


Julie Egginton
9 May 2014 11:10PM

Would suggest analysing your customer base 2 better understand why they come 2 u & build on that in terms of something different. Does not need 2 be a product range. That being said if you're interested in a product range I would suggest Neals Yard Remedies. As a consultant you can purchase products 2 use on clients at discount & place orders for them 2 encourage retention. NYR also provide free product & business training. See www.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/Julie_Egginton for details.
Jane Hopwood
10 May 2014 6:37AM

Thanks. I will look into that. Jane
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