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Posted by: Julie Halls, 26 Sep 2005 3:27PM
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Massage oils and accessories

Does anyone know of a good website to order massage oils and accessories from within the uk? In particular I'm trying to get a half moon shaped pillow to use with the face hole on my couch. Thanks Julie


Tina Maria Pritchard
28 Sep 2005 10:26PM

Hi julie The face hole cushion you may be after can be purchased from Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine (www.mscm.biz ) Regards Tina Pritchard
Rosemary Johnson
30 Sep 2005 6:37PM

For essential oils - never tried buying them by internet, but several of the outfits that are at all the tade fairs seem to have internet sites. For carrier oils - grapeseed, olive and the like - try www.tesco.co.uk Rosemary

30 Sep 2005 8:56PM

Judy Collins Hi julie , I buy all of my oils via the internet and find them much cheaper and very good quality also lots of choice.Purple Flame at www.purpleflame.co.uk .Essentially Oils Ltd at www.essentiallyoils.com and Quinessence at http:/www.quinessence.com are all very helpful.New Concept in Ipswich do mail order and supply face cushions ,massage couches etc. I hope this is of some help to you.

30 Sep 2005 8:57PM

30 Sep 2005 8:58PM

Nicky Bonfield
4 Oct 2005 12:33PM

Hi Julie I get all my essential oils from Essential Oils Direct - they have never let me down with delivery and the oils are of excellent quality. Nicky
Clare Humphrey
11 Oct 2005 3:08PM

Have you tried www.butterburandsage.co.uk? I have bought essential oils from them many times via the web and delivery has always been very prompt. Clare Humphrey
Clare Humphrey
11 Oct 2005 3:15PM

Sorry the above address should be www.butterburandsage.com! Clare

11 Oct 2005 4:47PM

Thanks for all the info enveryone, it's really been useful.

11 Oct 2005 4:47PM

Thanks for all the info enveryone, it's really been useful.
Amanda Clegg
1 Mar 2006 8:23PM

I use Absolute Aromas in Alton, Hants - good quality oils & Therapist price list is very reasonable - enables one to make a profit on any resales. Their range of vapourisers are excellent and they're a really nice bunch of people. Not tried ordering off the internet - I do it over the phone. www.absolute-aromas.com 01420 540401
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