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Posted by: Beatrice Jackson, 10 Oct 2016 8:47PM
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Massage post-tonsillectomy

Hello I have a client who is going to have a tonsillectomy and is asking after what period of time it would be advisable to come back for her next treatment afterwards. I can only find positive information about helping general wellbeing and recovery with massage, nothing specific about after how long it is safe to treat after tonsillectomy. Can anyone advise on this? Many thanks Beatrice


Maureen Abson
11 Oct 2016 8:23AM

Hi Beatrice, the general recovery time from tonsillectomy is around 6 weeks for the threat to return to normal so I'd be avoiding anything until this time that needed the client to be laid down. As everyone is going to be slightly different in their recovery I'd be asking my client to get their doctor's OK on return to all normal activity including massage - I'd also be working more gently than normal for the first 2-3 months just to allow more complete recovery.
Amanda Clegg
11 Oct 2016 1:59PM

Whilst I agree with Maureen about going gently, working within the 6 week recovery time should be ok - one obviously would not apply any massage to the throat, upper chest/thorax or to the cervical and upper thoracic spine, but mid-spine downwards would be fine, as long as your client is comfy prone/supine. Even then, the upper shoulders could be supported on a wedge. The benefits of massage would help overall healing and wellbeing.
Amanda Clegg
11 Oct 2016 2:02PM

just a thought - the 6 week recovery time is normally to do with things like car insurance after a general anasthetic. You could check with your insurer to be on the safe side, but I've worked on post-op things like hip/knee replacements well within the 6 weeks. Guideline is the usual - does the client feel well enough, and don't massage over an open wound.
Maureen Abson
11 Oct 2016 3:31PM

Just spotted my typo - that was meant to say for the 'throat' to return to normal, not the threat! Apologies for that. In general I wouldn't treat for those first 6 weeks but I would certainly be avoiding those areas as above!
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