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Posted by: Bridgette Bradley, 14 Feb 2012 7:30PM
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Hi everyone, I'm on the look out to buy a massage T-bar tool. They are used for NMT treatment and trigger point work. The only ones I have found are on-line and are on American websites. Does anyone know where I can get one in the UK? in particular a flat T-bar? Thank you Bridgette :D


Nicki Lee
14 Feb 2012 9:40PM

Hi, This site offers some http://www.thaimassagetools.co.uk/products.html and so does this http://www.aecc-spinecentre.co.uk/products/instruments-11/ Good luck! Nicki
Mike Colquhoun
15 Feb 2012 9:46AM

Hi Bridgette I have just been talking to Bella at Snowden Healthcare and we decided you need to talk to her on 0800 (yes it's free) 1577390 if you ask for her and give my name she'll do you a fantastic deal, but my own feeling is that you'd be much better buying another tool. You see I hate hurting my Patients and NMT hurts as do trigger point pressures and muscle stripping. So over the years I have looked for and found painless ways of achieving the same results and because they are painless the body allows complete relaxation and that means you can then find the cause beneath the spasm. The tool I'd suggest as being much better for doing the job is an electrical acupuncture - acupoint. This tool would be better described as a neuro muscular end point stimulator [80% of acupuncture points are neuro muscular end points] It finds the lowered electrical resistance at a neuro muscular end point [where the nerve joins the muscle] and clicks rapidly when it is on one, Press the button and it sends in an electrical signal to relax the muscle. Now the clever bit is that it does not hurt [if it does and it can sting to the point that it feels like a red hot needle being pushed in, turn down the intensity] so the muscle does not resist the release at all as it would with Neuro Muscular Technique or trigger point pressures or even a needle. No pain and total muscular release. What more could a Therapist desire? OH and stop using lubricants your hands will feel more. Hope this helps Yours aye Mike
Bridgette Bradley
16 Feb 2012 10:01PM

That sounds interesting Mike. Can you recommend an electrical acupoint for me to buy?
Bridgette Bradley
16 Feb 2012 10:02PM

Thank you too Nicki for your reply. I have had a look and this was most helpful. B :D x x
Mike Colquhoun
17 Feb 2012 11:15AM

Hi Bridgette It's just called Acupoint and they normally retail at £178.some odd but Snowden healthcare are doing a great deal for therapists at the moment and the lady who talked me into buying 4 [I sell them to my patients] is called Bella. If you look at my web site http://muskelym.co.uk/?p=3363 that page explains why muscle spasms happen and http://muskelym.co.uk/?p=1595 explains why these problems spread. Understanding this then allows a masseur to release these causes underlying the spasms using Mobilisation [a massage technique] rather than just Manipulating the bones and leaving the muscles to sort out their problems on their own. Musculo Skeletal Lymphatic Therapy works and the acupoint is what opens up the problems painlessly. Hope you enjoy using it, it really is miraculous. OH if you buy one, phone me and I will explain how to use it safely for us as we use them much more [all day every day] than a patient would.
Mike Colquhoun
17 Feb 2012 5:25PM

Hi Again Sorry Snowden don't stock them I was buying something else as well. Acupoints are fairly generally available they should retail above £50 to be complex enough to be useful to a Therapist. http://www.acupuncturedirect.co.uk/shop/acupoint/2_22_0_6/acupoint.aspx will show you the sort of thing.
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