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Posted by: Hilary John , 7 Apr 2013 10:14PM
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Massage with pre blended oils

Hi all. I am currently studying Aromatherapy but just had a random thought, I am qualified in Massage at the moment but do you need to have a slightly different qualification and insurance to be able to use 'pre blended oils' Was just a thought that popped in my head as i know they use them in salons and i know the people using them are not qulified in aromatherapy (sorry for the general sweeping statement).... i would like to hear peoples thoughts. Thank you Hilary


Nicki Lee
7 Apr 2013 10:27PM

It all depends on the qualification, and looking at the units will tell you. For example my ITEC Body Massage in 1997 did not, but my IIST diploma in Sports Therapy did cover using pre-blends. Insurance will generally cover whatever your qualification states.
Sue Hannaford
8 Apr 2013 9:09AM

Unless your course covers it, you need to have had some sort of training with whoever makes the blends - that is my understanding. The easiest way is to check with your insurer. That's what I did a few years ago. Found that even using blends (in my case I generally use a plain massage wax) that I was not insured to use one with extremely low amounts of lavender and roman chamomile! Hope that helps.
Hilary John
8 Apr 2013 2:38PM

Thanks both, Neither my massage course or sports massage course covered the use of pre blended oil so it does answer my question. I was just curious. will have to wait till ive finished my aromatherapy qualification and hope i pass that ok :-)
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