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Posted by: Helen Rae Coleman, 27 Jan 2015 9:12PM
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massaging at festivals

I'm interested in doing massage at festivals this summer, holistic, deep tissue, pregnancy and Indian head treatments, just wondering if anyone has done this and has any advice? How much should i expect to pay for a pitch? I'm thinking just small, family friendly festivals so I can bring the family. Also what kind of structure would work best? I have been offered a tipi but I think it's quite big, maybe a gazebo would be simpler?


Kristel Horwood
27 Jan 2015 9:24PM

Seated massage works well - however people do like privacy so a small gazebo sounds good have a signing up sheet so people can come back at a particular time make sure you put some breaks in for yourself good luck !
Yvonne Young
15 Feb 2015 4:39PM

Hi Kristel I did this for many years, and totally loved it. The festival experience is worth exploring! I offered taster sessions of 10 to 15 mins duration, at a set price, but also offered full treatments. It worked really well. A private gazebo is advisable for the full body treatments, but chair massages, Indian head Massage and Reiki can be carried out in the open. Make sure you have plenty of water, for hand washing. A pitch can be expensive, depending on the festival, but if you can share the cost with another therapist, that can work well, and there is plenty of work to go around. You will be very busy, and will need to ensure that you have breaks. Go for it and enjoy! Yvonne
Sue Hulbert
17 Feb 2015 2:53PM

Una Tucker
18 May 2015 3:31PM

This is both a great and timely thread because I am really keen to do some on-site massaging at festivals this year and I really need to get my skates on if I am to do so at any of them! Are there any top 'massage-friendly' festivals that anyone could recommend? Very interested in those in London or the surrounding counties. Many thanks! Una Kneads Must
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