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Posted by: CThA Administrator, 27 May 2011 2:29PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Medical Evidence for Reiki?

Hi, My name is Maggie Bevington & I am a Registered Homeopath & Reiki Master Teacher in the Newcastle, Staffs, UK. I have received a complaint (I believe from a skeptic campaign called The Nightingale Collaboration who have targetted many comp therapists & are currently attacking homeopathy - again!) about descriptions of Reiki & it's effects on my websites www.mbevington.co.uk and teenhealers.co.uk They both contain pretty usual stuff but are deemed in contravention of CAP law by the ASA - Advertising Standards Authority. I am requesting any research articles / studies / references that you may have access to in order to make a case for Reiki! I have 2 weeks to make changes (basically to remove anything positive in suport of Reiki!) before they will threaten to remove my web provider. So please send anything before June 14th if at all possible - but if after this date it will still be useful for future reference. (I am aware of lots of research cited on the William Rand website but cannot afford the shipping cost for the printed version! the book is $35 but with shipping its almost $100!) I am looking at this experience as a positive challenge & an opportunity to improve my own website but I hope that it may also help others who may also be the target of such unbalanced energy in the future. I think it's important to remain grounded & welcome the experience for the highest good of all - of course! Even if you don't have access to any research please send your Reiki thoughts to 'the cause' of promoting our sacred work positively & healing those individuals on both 'sides of the fence'! Please can you contact me directly via m.bevington@btinternet.com Thanks in advance. Maggie Bevington


Angela Rawlins
27 May 2011 4:38PM

Apparently William Rand was at the Mind Body Spirit show
Marcus Staff
27 May 2011 5:28PM

Hi, you could try looking through the following sites for information: http://www.reikicouncil.org.uk/ http://reikiinmedicine.org/ Hope this helps. Marcus
Angela Rawlins
27 May 2011 5:40PM

Zara, what are The CThA doing about this??
Marcus Staff
27 May 2011 6:05PM

It would be good if the CThA could provide members with advertising guidance and 'acceptable' therapy descriptors. Marcus
Angela Rawlins
27 May 2011 6:21PM

Please can you post a copy of the ASA adjudication becasue I'd like to see if they have done anything. My husband had been looking at your post for me
Elizabeth Rabone
29 May 2011 9:03PM

I've seen about the Nightingale Collaboration before - they seem a very unpleasant lot of people, like school bullies who've never left school. For research, you could try: Complementary & Alternative Medicine Researcher's Network (CAMRN) Research Council for Complementary Medicine Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine Great Ormond Street London WC1N 3HR Email: camrn@rccm.org.uk Website: www.rccm.org.uk or one of the London Universities, Westminster I *think*, has a department doing research into a lot of complementary therapies. Good luck!
Angela Rawlins
29 May 2011 9:34PM

It seems that there is a lot of political goings on if you have put on your web site about treating various illnesses and fregistered with the CNCH, BEWARE
Janice Hamilton
7 Jun 2011 10:58AM

You all may be interested to know that a fellow Reiki Master is putting together a book containing reviews and anecdotes from people whose lives have been changed and enhanced by Reiki, as she could only find one book written by a nurse in a similar vein. I think medical research etc is important but also the views of the people who have experienced Reiki have a contribution to make. Her website is www.lightonthepath.co.uk, if you're interested in keeping up on the development of this. All the best with your website and I'll send some Reiki to the situation too. Regards Janice
Angela Rawlins
7 Jun 2011 11:32AM

Thanks Janice A recent email sent to me:- Dear Angela Stop press... Update about advertising from ASA Unfortunately this is not good news. Following further conversations with the ASA and other parties they are now saying that testimonials cannot be used in advertising because there is an implied level of effectiveness when they are used in this way. The advice we gave out previously was based on the CAP advice sheet - substantiation for health, beauty and slimming claims which states: ยท A body of evidence (for health and slimming claims) may consist of one or more of these categories: - 3:1:8 Anecdotal evidence such as testimonials and endorsements. However, the advice CAP are giving out now, is that testimonials still have to fit within the following guideline 3.47 Claims that are likely to be interpreted as factual and appear in a testimonial must not mislead or be likely to mislead the consumer. This means that when you are advertising your services - ie what you do as a Reflexologist - then you should not include testimonials. This does not mean that you should stop collecting testimonials, you can still use that as a body of evidence but that you cannot use them for advertising purposes. Also collecting testimonials means that you can show your level of experience by having a separate document or leaflet which your clients can read. Our advice to you now has to be to concentrate on advertising your services without making claims, although you can highlight the wellbeing and potential preventative effects of reflexology. We have produced the new Art of Reflexology leaflet that has been CAP checked and so should be safe to use. We suggest that production of a DL sized leaflet (a single sheet the size of the trifold Art of Reflexology leaflet) with your services, prices and information about you and your treatments which can be slipped inside the AoR leaflet and can be read in parallel is a safer way of moving forward. When it comes to testimonials on websites, keep them on a separate web page and if you wish to partition them, do so under body systems as opposed to medical conditions - which must not be used. For example, digestive conditions rather than IBS. We have been informed by the CNHC that one group of sceptics have some computer software that will 'fish' out websites using whatever medical terminology they decide to look for, so for example they could look for "arthritis", and locate any websites still using that term, and this would allow them to make a complaint against the owner of each of those websites. This ups the requirement for you to check your websites for medical terminology and remove it. Please do consider that you might have had a website in the past that you are now not using; if you have not removed it from cyberspace it could still be found. (Your web company should be able to do this for you).
Janice Hamilton
7 Jun 2011 11:58AM

Thanks Angela - you really are a gem - distributing all of this for our information - sometimes it seems like there's a witch hunt going on out there but thank goodness for this website and the people on it - it's good to feel that we're not alone and have support when we need it and also someone who translates, what certainly seems to me, official gobbledygook which I have difficulty understanding! Cheers me dears Janice
Angela Rawlins
9 Jun 2011 2:23PM

With regards to 'Testimonials' on web sites or brochures. My husband said that these are personal statements said by clients and do they stop testimonials about hotels etc? What he suggested that I do is to put on the top of the page just that, that these are personal experiences of the clients and those experiences may not be experienced by others. Thus making it clear to those who might wish to report you, that they would be on a sticky wicket.
Angela Rawlins
9 Jun 2011 2:40PM

Hi Elizabeth Have you looked at "Complementary & Alternative Medicine Researcher's Network (CAMRN) Research Council for Complementary Medicine Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine" recently? I've just looked at the web site and it hasn't been up dated for years!! I'm just wondering if it is still in existance
Elizabeth Rabone
11 Jun 2011 6:52PM

Hi Angela, They're definitely still going; I've had emails from them in the past week or so. Strange about the address though as I copied and pasted it from the latest email! Thought it would be more reliable than my typing... If you want the contact details of the administrator who sends the emails, could you email me on e.j.rabone@googlemail.com and I'll send them to you - maybe I'm hypersensitive, but I'm a bit loathe to put someone's contact details on a public forum without checking with them first. Cheers, Liz
Angela Rawlins
13 Jun 2011 11:32AM

Hi Elizabeth Email me at threecountiestherapies@yahoo.co.uk, I'm the coordinator for the local group
Angela Rawlins
24 Jun 2011 8:29PM

HI Evyone, Please check this web link from William Rand http://www.reiki.org/reikinews/ResponseBishopsStatement.html
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