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Posted by: Jonathan McComb, 24 Jul 2012 3:54PM
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Membership Question

Hello I am a student member and I am looking to upgrad to membership. I have Reiki 2 (Tera Mai) and 2 day Indian Head Massage (accredited by ICHM) ut I have been told that I need A&P. Can someone please advise me? Thank you


Amanda Clegg
24 Jul 2012 4:10PM

unofficially, as a fellow CThA member, I feel it is essential to have A&P. It gives you the basic grounding for performing any kind of physical therapy and is really important. It's also very interesting! Good luck
Hilary Ellis
24 Jul 2012 4:14PM

Hi, I am not sure how you got your training in Indian Head Massage if you have not got your A & P certificate ? as I believed it was not certified without it..... maybe I am wrong. I agree with the previous ladies's reply though
Angelina Kelly
24 Jul 2012 5:33PM

Hi Jonathan, Having A & P is extremely important if you want to be taken seriously as a Therapist and if you intend to work along side the medical profession. It gives you more credibility all round and helps you to understand better how to help people with your therapies. It is also absolutely vital for getting professional insurance and is required by most governing bodies for registration and membership. Regards Angelina
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