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Posted by: Sandie Vivian, 3 Oct 2005 8:06PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Micro Site

Hi, Has anyone set up their micro site yet - if so, please could you tell me where to find it, I promise not to copy, I would just like to get an idea of how it can be used. Many thanks Sandie


George B.
4 Oct 2005 10:44AM

Sandie, Here are a couple of examples: http://www.embodyforyou.com/EB/?k=157384 http://www.embodyforyou.com/EB/?k=178454 To some extent, the new much enhanced EmbodyForYou listings supercede the Micro site idea / functionality ( much easier to set up ), but by all means go ahead and experiment. Regards, George Barwood Embody Web Admin
Jo Hammond
28 Nov 2005 11:36AM

Hi all I seem to be having a confusing time with both my micro site and my business listing. Currently it says my business is not listed despite me having filled in all the relevant details. I have emailed Embody but have received no response! Can anyone help me please? A colleague of mine has received calls from potential clients through the Website but if I'm not listed then I'm not benefitting from the same exposure! Many thanks.... Jo Hammond
Caroline Marks
16 Dec 2005 12:01AM

I'm disappointed with the microsite. It just allows you a bit of extra space to say something about yourself, but it would be better if you could upload your own logo and customise it more. I think people may misunderstand and think it is a mini website and it isn't.
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