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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 13 Oct 2008 10:27PM
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Miscarriage-causing pressure point in neck/shoulders??!!

I saw a client last week for indian head massage who is trying to conceive. She told me that her tai chi teacher told her there is a point somewhere around the neck/shoulders which, when pressed, can cause miscarriage. I was completely unaware of this... Does anyone know anything about it? I have agreed to give very gentle IHM to this client, with her consent, but this idea is a bit disturbing, and I said to her I would ask the forums about it. Help?


Vikki Sivertsen
13 Oct 2008 10:48PM

I think this point is known as GB 21. It is a 'bearing down' point and can be used to help induce labour, or once labour has started to help with pushing. This means that considerable care should be taken when massaging around this area if the client is not full term on her pregnancy. It is important to check that you are insured to treat pregnant women.
Mariette Lobo
13 Oct 2008 11:03PM

I'd suggest you look at this website and draw your own conclusions. http://www.paradigm-pubs.com/Birch-Contra
Roushan Martens
14 Oct 2008 10:02AM

Thanks for your replies - the article was really helpful. I will pass all the relevant information to the client as requested.
Angela Rawlins
14 Oct 2008 3:25PM

Rushan How many months pregnant is she? I have heard about being careful of the neck when pregnant, but no answers? I have just been looking at Acupressure 'How to Cure Common Ailments the Natural way' by Michael Reed Gach. I looked under pregnancy 'Potent Points for Reliving Discomforts'. There is a table: LI4 (large intestine) strong stimulation discouraged after 1st month as can induce labour - but this point is on the hand. K3 (kidney) from 3rd month is on the ankle. Spleen 6 which is on the lower leg - from 7th month. BUT, only LI says can induce labour and you wouldn't be going lower than the shoulders anyway - HOWEVER, from little I know, you might work around the collar bones towards the dip in the throat - SO be careful there as Kidney 27 points are bilateral to the dip. The kidney meridian go's through the pelvic area. :)) Regards Angela
Roushan Martens
14 Oct 2008 7:39PM

Thanks for finding all that info Angela, I really appreciate it. It is interesting, if you look at the article that Mariette posted a link to, that the author says that people have not even been able to use the points to cause miscarriage when they tried. Obviously, this is no reason not to be careful. What my client decided was that she would have sessions in the part of each cycle when she has done a test and knows she is not pregnant. When she does become pregnant, she will look at seeing a specialised pregancy massage therapist. This seems a good way to work around the issue for women trying to conceive but wanting to see their usual therapist for supportive work whilst they try.
Angela Rawlins
14 Oct 2008 10:32PM

Roushan When treating with reflexology as I do. The usual thing is to ask the client to wait till they are 3 months pregnant to ensure no blame can be attached to the treatment. This is especially important when they have miscarried. Ailments, which pregnancy isn't :) are areas of concern to be treated carefully. There is not any evidence that reflexology has caused miscarriage. I know you are considering Indian head treatment which can relax the client and that is a good thing. WE must take care in all instances, however, we need experience.
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