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Posted by: Clio Gayton, 4 Dec 2015 6:45PM
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Mobile Massage

Hi Can anyone reccomend any good mobile massage companies based in London? Many Thanks Clio


Frank Thorogood
4 Dec 2015 10:03PM

Check out Marsh Couch who are based in Hemel Hempstead. I have had mine since 1996 without any problems.
Clio Gayton
4 Dec 2015 10:05PM

Thanks, but I don#t need a couch atthe momrnt. I'm looking for companies that do mobile massage.
Kim Ferrand
5 Dec 2015 8:43AM

Hi Clio there's a couple of companies I've worked for who supply therapist for corporate events if that's what you mean? They are both based in the London area but work all over the UK. Stress Busters 020 8450 7999 Alisdair Burcher, info@stressbusters.co.uk and Relaxa 020 3617 1824 Rachel King rachel.king@relaxa.co.uk I hope this is some help to you Kind regards Kim
Clio Gayton
5 Dec 2015 2:18PM

Hi Kim, that's great, thanks very much Clio
Sue Hannaford
6 Dec 2015 10:01PM

Haven't used them but have heard of Urban Massage....
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