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Posted by: Hilary John , 14 Aug 2013 12:26PM
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Mobile Massage Table

Hi All Does anyone have any experience of using a super light aluminum framed massage table at all? I am currently lugging about a wooden couch that is becoming just that little bit too heavy for me at the moment and have found one that is 11kg (same weight as my daughter!!!!) so seems perfect... says it can hold the weight of someone up to 350kg (and i do massage some big people) - i want to know if anyone uses one and finds them sturdy enough, are they happy with the quality etc etc. i am not keen on the idea of buying a couch i cant lay on first to test but not sure i have any other option at the moment. Any feed back would be great. Thanks in advance. Hilary


Janice Hamilton
15 Aug 2013 10:20AM

Dear Hilary I had the same experience as you - started off with a New Concept wooden based massage couch (bought in 1994) and still in working order!) but as you say, really heavy to lug around. I did a bit of research and eventually ordered online a Portalite Delta I from Massage Warehouse which is aluminium based and can take up to 35 stones. I would highly recommend this product and the supplier - they couldn't have been more helpful and do have people you can speak to who will recommend the best bed for you, and as I placed my order before 12 noon I received it the following day. The padding is really thick and comfortable and I frequently have a problem getting my clients off the couch!! I, too, have big and heavy clients and, so far, have had no problems. It is also very light and easy to set up and put down and I do notice the difference, especially at the end of a busy week. Hope this helps. Good luck Janice
Amanda Clegg
21 Aug 2013 12:19AM

I've been using an Oakworks Advanta for 10 years now. Brilliant. 11.5kg when loaded in it's bag. Not super light, but under the 15kg max safe load for ladies (HSE) and ALL my clients comment on how comfy it is! Best investment I ever made.
Hilary John
21 Aug 2013 3:42PM

Thanks both Have just taken delivery of my new couch this morning so will be inviting all my friends to test it out before i take it out and about with me - it already feels amazing being able to lift something thats so light and i had no idea there was a recomended weight limit for ladies and i feel that def should have been taught in my course and def before choosing our first couch. I found out loads of stuff when reading into getting a new couch so i am really hoping that now i have a lighter (by about 8kg) and narrower one (great if you are short apparently) that my back ache will start to improve and going out and about will be more of a pleasure and less of a chore! Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. x
Amanda Clegg
21 Aug 2013 4:51PM

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) dictates that 15kg for women and 25kg for men is the max weight that can be lifted manually - any heavier must use more people or a lifting aid (eg forklift or trolley - or a hoist if its a person!) Yes that absolutely should be mentioned in training!
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