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Posted by: Hilary John , 2 Jun 2013 8:49PM
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Mobile Massage Therapist - Keeping Safe

I am starting to busy up a bit more now and the question was raised about keeping myself safe when going to people's homes that I dont know. I obviously know the basic stuff like letting people know where i am, time i will be back etc, but wondered if anyone else had any good tips they found had made themselves feel a bit safer when out and about...?? Also poss really odd question but are we covered insurance wise for our stuff if we did get into a situation and we had to leave pretty sharpish from someones home but had to leave our equipment behind?? It hasnt happened and I hope to god it never does but it was just something that came up in conversation today. I would love to hear peoples thoughts :-)


Neville Dalton
3 Jun 2013 12:02AM

Hello Hilary. This question, more or less, was asked by another therapist back in February. If you take a look at the range of responses there it should help. It was entitled: Going to clients homes to treatments. Best wishes, Neville.
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