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Posted by: Deborah Wright, 19 Apr 2011 5:07PM
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Mobile Versus Premises

I qualified as a reflexologist 3 years ago and recently in Thai Foot Massage. I do not have any clients at the moment despite advertising on Facebook and giving out leaflets. My main concern is how to get a good client base being mobile it has only been a couple of months since i started. Would it be easier if i had my own premises? I am also unsure of what to charge as it seems to range from £25-£40, i live in Essex. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Deborah


Amanda Clegg
19 Apr 2011 5:23PM

Hi there - it's very early days if you've only been going 3 months: took me about 2 years to build a reasonably steady client base (I do massage & aromatherapy). I jpersonally wouldnt' rent premises unless on an hourly basis - you don't want to be sittign there paying rent with no clients! If you can find premises in the town where there's a good footfall & you can maybe have a board outside when you're there (our branch of NEals Yard does this,and we have holistic centre here in Godalming. I used to have a casual arrangement with a local hair salon in the village in the early days). School PTA pamper evenings are good (make sure you get paid: don't do them for free!) With summer coming up, take a stand at local fairs and fetes as well - I couldn't do that as massage involves undressing - I hadn't done the onsite massage at that point. get some ads into your parish magazines and see if the local paper will do a feature on your new business (you might have to take out an ad as well). Networking groups are good - ladies who latte, athena etc. and you can usually go a few times as a guest. Good luck - with perseverance it will be fine!
Amanda Clegg
19 Apr 2011 5:24PM

ps not really sure about charges in your area - I charge about £40 per hour but will have to put that up soon.
Deborah Wright
19 Apr 2011 6:27PM

Thank you for you reply Amanda. You are right it would be pointless to rent premises at this stage.I will do as you have suggestd. Thank you for your help. Kind Regards Deborah
Sandra Mary Smith
19 Apr 2011 7:39PM

Hi Deborah, Iv set up as a mobile therapist in the east midlands offering three therapies, I started in November last year and to date have only had three appointments completed. Had others who cancelled and havnt booked again yet. I am up and down with how I feel about that as I keep hearing it can take ages to get regular clients but its easy when your isolated to feel its just you in the situation. So, must keep moving forward, I have worked to hard to give up yet. Thanks to Amanda for reminding us it can take a long time. Im having a stall at our local WI spring fair soon, Im begining to think that actually talking to people and showing yourself, so to speak, is probably better than a name on a poster. Although im sure everything is worth a try. Good luck Sandra
Peter Hazlewood
19 Apr 2011 10:40PM

Hi Deborah, do you have a web site? A simple but effective site is a real plus. I have had many bookings from mine. It does not have to be over complex and equally does not need to cost a fortune. On-line booking is also a great way to hook clients especially if you charge a deposit. Check out for free site listings in your area, Gumtree is really good if you have a branch locally. There are a number you can use and they are free, do a search for free listings - Hotfrog is another good one. Good luck, Peter - Genki Massage.
Deborah Wright
20 Apr 2011 10:04AM

Hi Sandra, thank you for your reply. It is disheartening when you have worked hard for something only to find it isnt turning out as you had hoped.A few people have said it takes about 2 years. A stall at the spring fair sounds good, i think it will help if people can put a face to your name.Good luck with the fair let me know how you get on. Best Wishes Deborah
Deborah Wright
20 Apr 2011 10:11AM

Hi Peter, thank you for your reply. I am hoping to set up a website at the end of May.Its good to know you have had clients from yours.I will look for the free site listings, that sounds good. Its been great to have other peoples ideas, im feeling much more positive now. Best Wishes Deborah
Sandra Mary Smith
20 Apr 2011 10:21AM

Hi Deborah, You are welcome. Happy to share any/all my ideas, most of them gained from others Im sure ! If you want to email any time I will always reply. sandy-m-smith@ntlworld.com I too will look into Peters idea of a web site, I have shied away from that thinking its another expense I could do without. Thanks Peter. Also I have found this forum a great support and full of ideas . Regards Sandra :)
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