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Posted by: Carol Bean, 24 Jun 2014 10:22PM
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Morton's Neuroma

Has anyone any experience of using massage or aromatherapy on a client with Morton's Neuroma?


Angela Rawlins
24 Jun 2014 10:28PM

I've not had experience but they might get some relief if you can actually touch it. A friend has this and it is excruciating. I explored her foot to see what it might be and was right in my examination, Moretons Neuroma:( She has had an injection into it by hospital, she says it's better at the moment. Another friend had hers operated on and not overly satisfied but then, that MN! You can get them frozen but only place is in Manchester. Angela
Mike Colquhoun
25 Jun 2014 9:19AM

Hi Carol It's hard to know how to advise you, if you have several years experience and are interested in remedial work then give me a ring but should that not be the case you are best to leave well alone. In most cases it responds well to treatment, I'm actually treating one at the moment and am hopeful of resolving it but the outcome depends on how far the damage to the bones has progressed. My number is 01626 852575. Yours aye Mike
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