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Posted by: Barbara Lewis, 12 Jul 2009 4:57PM
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music licence

has anyone actually worked out whether we need a prs music licence if we use cds only on a one to one basis with clients ? i am getting conflicting information about this and feel i am being hounded by prs who apparently are contacting every business that plays music


Mariette Lobo
13 Jul 2009 5:48PM

Good question, Barbara. I, too, would be interested in finding out as I, too, have been given conflicting information - not least by the PRS!
Angela Rawlins
14 Jul 2009 8:30AM

Hi There has been loads of discussion about a 'music' licence, not necessarily on this forum. There are regulations and therapists have been contacted by this department/group and therapists are understandably concerned. I can not remember the exact details, so will ask CThA to find out and put something on the forums.
Hi there, You are able to buy non copyright CD's from a company called NVM Music Services for around £20. The Performing Right Society have advised us that if your home is not registered with the local council as partial business use and you are not paying business rates then the licence does not apply. If you are registered for buisness use you will not need a licence if the music that you are playing is all non copyright material but you will need to check on the disc tape etc. The same rules apply if you are using the radio in your buisness. We are in the process of checking whether the information from PRS is still correct and will advise as soon as possible.
Mariette Lobo
14 Jul 2009 11:51AM

Thanks, Chris. This is the most helpful information on this subject that I've had so far! Look forward to your update.
Amanda Clegg
18 Aug 2009 10:40PM

Interesting point - I work from home and am mobile so prs probably doesn't apply. However, my partner is a musician, so actually his livlihood is protected by prs - it's there to ensure that all the jobbing musicians, most of whom don't make the big time, but are session musicians etc, do at least get some royalties for their work. I get around this by mostly using his material (many of my clients have bought his smooth smoochy jazz cd coz they've liked it so much). check out Wright at the Poolside on CDBaby, or www.anthonykwright.co.uk. Real music is much more relaxing than some of the inferior computer generated 'compositions' that get passed of as 'therapy music'. happy listening!
Tonia Parsons
9 Sep 2009 4:24PM

yes don't worry it's only a PUBLIC thing, we do our session in a private session. However if you want clarification I believe if you google for RadioJackie which is south west london's radio station they still have information about music licensing on their website and I'm sure they could help you if you had further questions. Tonia SW London Area Coordinator and Mobile Therapist incl RBMind
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