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Posted by: Tracy Howard, 4 Jun 2013 11:52AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

natural health college online courses

Hi Just wondering if anyone has done any training with this company & how you found getting insured once completed. 7yrs ago I did 3/4 of the itec reflexology diploma but had to quit through pregnancy problems. I'm now ready to train again but can't afford the £1500 the adult ed college want for the vtct course. So I'm considering this online course, as I'm already a bodyworker, as well as a nurse. I have 3 reflexologist friends who are happy to be my case studies so they can give me accurate feedback. I've still got all my itec notes too. Any thoughts / advice gratefully received. Tracy


Angela Rawlins
4 Jun 2013 12:38PM

Hi Tracey You should phone the CThA and ask their opinion. Years ago, this wouldn't have been acceptable by the original Guild of Complementary Pratctioners
Tracy Howard
4 Jun 2013 1:05PM

Thanks Angela. I'd certainly not entertain the idea if I hadn't already had some formal training. The college say its recognised by inthcm or some such organization.
Sue Hannaford
4 Jun 2013 9:27PM

Holistic Insurance won't cover distance learning and I don't think CThA accept either. I think this company has arranged that students can get insurance through someone else though.
Maria Varela
5 Jun 2013 11:33PM

Hi Tracy I think £1,500 is too expensive to train in reflexology. ITEC courses, such as the one at my college, go for about £500 http://racc.ac.uk/course/S00126-121301 You could consider all awarding bodies (VTCT, ITEC, City & Guilds) and perhaps check the ITEC website. Some private tutors also offer flexible reflexology training. I guess it's a question of doing more research! Good luck Maria
Angela Rawlins
6 Jun 2013 8:10AM

Well, I'm sure in 1997, I paid around £1000 for both Anat & Phys and Reflexology but inflation would have put at around that today
Maria Varela
6 Jun 2013 8:14AM

That's really expensive. The link I included in my previous poorest has a course way £545. Shop around!
Tracy Howard
6 Jun 2013 4:34PM

Thank you for your replies. When I did the ITEC course at night school it was £300 in 2005. Now they do vtct but want £1576.....I'm just so shocked at how much a government adult education college are charging! I will shop around a bit more, but is the general consensus not to do the online course?
Maria Varela
13 Jun 2013 9:46PM

It is ultimately your decision, but how about a compromise: doing the A&P bit online, and the actual reflexology practical course attending a college? It will be relatively easy to study theory at home in your own time, and get a book with test questions. I can send you by email a really good documents with A&P exam type questions, lots of them, for free :) There are three awarding bodies for reflexology: City & Guilds, VTCT, ITEC. Each of have different requirements. They are all at level 3 and you can get insured after completing any of them I am currently doing some research to find a good course for me. I will take my time as want to save money and time! You did not say where you are based, are you in London?
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