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Posted by: Aleksandra Jawulska, 31 Jul 2012 4:28PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hello all, I have been trying various methods of advertising my business locally and happened upon the Natural Therapy Pages. Has any one had experience with them, and been successful? At the moment I want to offer mainly outcalls to women, and referred male clients, does anyone have any other suggestions of where to advertise? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Aleksandra


Nicki Lee
31 Jul 2012 4:51PM

Hi Aleksandra, I'm not familiar with this particular site, and they could be fabulous, but I'd be careful about paying out. There are so many different sites advertising treatments (including our free CThA site) that I'm not sure if paying for one would be the best use of advertising budget. To find other sites that may give you free listings, you may want to try searching for therapies and check out all the pages that come up. Also, your local town or council may have a free site where local business can advertise - many do. If you have time, there are usually a lot of networking events, some of which are free or you just pay for your coffee. These are great if you have time but not much to spend. Best of luck, Nicki
Aleksandra Jawulska
31 Jul 2012 4:58PM

Hi Nicki, Thanks for the advice, a local council site is a great idea, as well as networking events. For some reason I have opted out of attending those, ignoring the power of interaction and discussion. Thanks again for your input. Sincerely, Aleksandra
Amanda Clegg
31 Jul 2012 6:19PM

I've always found the ladies business networking events really good, especially the low-key coffee morning type. Expensive networks like BNI are not so good for the self employed therapist as they are very expensive and it's quite difficult to fulfill the lead-generation aspect required. There are also some good online networks run on county or town basis, as well as facebook and linked in. Networking via school parent-pamper evenings is good as well. I don't have any paid-for advertising at all now.
Barbara Lewis
1 Aug 2012 12:08PM

found natural therapy pages good get regular referrals from internet site best value for money on internet advertising barb
Jeanette Hughes
1 Aug 2012 12:35PM

I get a lot of referrals from Natural Therapy Pages and would highly recommend them.
Aleksandra Jawulska
1 Aug 2012 4:40PM

Thank you ladies, I'll take all your input into consideration. Much appreciated, Aleksandra
Peter Hazlewood
1 Aug 2012 7:17PM

Hi, I use Natural Therapy Pages they are excellent. I get page 1 Google listing. I have been using them for a few years definately cheaper than Ggogle Adwords with the same result.
Aleksandra Jawulska
4 Aug 2012 3:02PM

Thanks, everyone. I have done more research and realised that when doing a google search for massage in London, natural therapy pages rarely, if ever, comes up first, or even on the first page. I'm curious as to how people would actually think to look on the site, unless someone told them about it? For those of you using it, do you know? Just want to make the right decision. Thanks
Peter Hazlewood
6 Aug 2012 11:09PM

Hi I am surprised I have worked in bth the North and South and on both occasions have had page 1 Google search. Natural Therapy pages work to optimise your website SEO. (search engine optimisation) There are many ways to achieve SEO offered by many companies. Where in a google search does your current site appear, without NTP mine is page 8/9, during the average search people rarely go beyond the first few pages. Google Adwords is one of the most popular ways to improve search ratings but costs mega bucks. If you want to have chat about it feel free to give me a call, prior to going full time as a therapist I worked in IT for 20 years. Peter
Peter Hazlewood
6 Aug 2012 11:13PM

p.s. Gumtree is an excellent site for free ads. I had 12 new clients in July from two ads, http://www.gumtree.com/
Heather Brown
16 Aug 2012 3:38PM

Hi Aleksandra, I've been on NTpages for almost 3 years & have recieved around 90% of my clients. Its the best marketing tool I've used & the only one that I have no problem in paying money for each year. I've done Scoot, Yell (still doing Yell), doctors surgery cards (complete waste!) & loads of Free listings & can honestly say that NTP has been the most beneficial - for me that is!!!! Whatever you choose, just monitor it by asking new clients where they got your name from. The other thing is not just relying on the site when you initially put your info on. Keep it updated, so you not showing winter offers when summer comes around! Good luck Heather
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