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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 17 Jun 2010 8:54AM
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New business - sideline selling

Hi, I have leased a retail unit. It has treatment rooms at the rear and a large shop front. I do massage, hot & cold stone massage and hopi-ear candling at the moment but will be adding reflexology in due course. I would like to use the extra space to sell products. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could sell? Also I was thinking of having a small area for local crafts (family mostly) - things like paintings, hand-made cards, embroidered makeup bags, lavendar sachets for bath, things like that. Can I have an honest opinion please as a friend has remarked that having the "craft corner" would appear right or give the right impression. I was just trying to think of selling a few things to help pay the rent whilst I am building up customers. Help! Thanks Jane


Marian Child
17 Jun 2010 9:04AM

I manage to sell very little, but what always seems to go down well is stuff that I actually use on them. I sell foot packs with cream, a file and socks and when I get a client with dry feet, I use the cream (of which I have a tube) and I am more likely to sell it as they can feel the benefits. Other thing is wheat bags, easy to make, you can find wheat on the internet, when they ache, I suggest a hot water bottle or a wheat bag. Re the craft, have you noticed that if you go to a pamper event, there are usually people selling products, but there is nearly always someone selling home made jewellery and they always seem to do well, especially if it is more quality home made stuff. Hope this helps Marian Child
Jane Hopwood
17 Jun 2010 1:07PM

Thanks for your message. Very helpful. My friend thought that if I sold craft products that it would diminish my therapist status. I welcome from everyone please. Jane
Prasanna Probyn
18 Jun 2010 11:27AM

Hi Marian, you could consider something relevant like Jane suggested. You could sells products such as natural/organic skincare, supplements and even cosmetics. Organic/natural skincare is a growing market and hence worth a try. Good luck and would be interesting to know how you get on with whatever you market!
Prasanna Probyn
18 Jun 2010 11:28AM

Sorry Jane, got the two names muddled!
Marian Child
18 Jun 2010 12:33PM

I think it also depends on your market. Mine is a more functional massage, making people work better rather than just a relaxing massage. I work in a leisure centre and the room I have doesn't lend itself to the perception of relaxation or luxury. So knowing your market also helps you decide what is more likely to sell. If they have come from the gym or an exercise class they are not really in the right mindset to spend money on craft products or beauty care. More likely to sell them stretching aids. They are also usually on their way home straight after too. In my experience people who have a luxurious, calming massage are more likely to linger and maybe more likely to be interested in looking at products.
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