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Posted by: Sonia Barzey, 14 Oct 2010 2:57PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

New Course format - your opinions would be welcome

I currently offer a one-day course in Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Infection Control for CAM therapists. It has been apparent since offering the course that CAM therapists (in my area at least) are struggling to retain clients and are having difficulty funding attendance at courses, even though they are very interested in the content (for for some the content of my course is essential to them getting work with certain organisations). I have a lot of experience in producing e-learning and distance learning and wonder if any therapists here would be interested in a self-directed learning package as an alternative to attending one of my study days? This would involve buying a pack which you would work through at your own pace, complete a short & simple assessment at the end which you post off to me in order to receive a certificate of learning (based on the learning outcomes for the course). The benefits would include: REDUCED COST: The cost of a distance learning pack would be considerable lower than the cost to attend. Currently for CThA members my course is £95 however the learning pack version would most likely be half that price (I estimate between £35-£45). TIME: You can study whenever you have a bit of spare time rather than have to take a whole day out. In addition you would not have to pay for travel, parking or accommodation. CPD CREDITS: The course would still be the equivalent of one day's study and award the same number of credits (subject to CThA approval of course). You would also receive a certificate for the study undertaken. You would also be able to contact me via email or telephone if you have questions about any part of the course. You can leave your thoughts and opinions in this thread or contact me via email: sonia@orwellreflexology.co.uk. I look forward to hearing what you think!


Alison Baillie
14 Oct 2010 3:51PM

Hi Sonia, whata marvelus idea I would certainly be more interested in distance learning that traveling to attend a 1 day course
Catherine Jane Waddell
14 Oct 2010 4:31PM

Hi Sonia The course sounds good and the e study option sounds great. Where are you based? I tried to send this to your e mail, but apparently the address doesn't exist?!? Cathy W
Marianne Free Allitt
14 Oct 2010 5:03PM

Yes I would be interested - please send details as I'm having trouble emailing you too!
Sonia Barzey
14 Oct 2010 5:32PM

Hi all and thanks for the feedback. My email is definitely: sonia@orwellreflexology.co.uk and it is working fine at the moment. You may need to type the address into the "To" section of your email as copying and pasting sometimes adds a space where there shouldn't be one meaning the email address will not be recognised correctly. An alternate emailfor me if you're still having difficulties is spbsuffolk@gmail.com. I'm based in Ipswich in Suffolk which for some people is a very long way to travel for a one day course and for me to travel to them with course equipment would be a bit of a nightmare. Many of us work with clients who are having hospital treatments or are patients in nursing homes, hospices or the NHS so it would be nice to be able to reassure these clients & their conventional care provider that you've received education in infection control. I'm thinking that the best option at the moment would be a self-directed learning pack. E-learning is an option for the future due to the cost of the software. I love using my computer BUT have found e-learning to be an incredibly stifling way to learn and I've ended up having to print out pages to make them easier to read. At least with a learning pack you can meet up with a friend or in a group work through it together. Keep the feedback & ideas coming!
Mariette Lobo
14 Oct 2010 6:11PM

Sonia - I think a learning pack is a terrific idea. You're right about e-learning - it can quite easily become the "easy" option and, if done badly, can be disastrous.
Barbara Lewis
14 Oct 2010 6:53PM

excellent idea could set up local study group for support if several people were interested barb
Lisa Holyland
15 Oct 2010 1:39PM

Hi Sonia, I agree think it is a really good idea, I have completed quite a few home study courses now and it is certainly cheaper and great to work at your own pace. I would be interested in receiving some of your information on courses that you will provide. Info@lisaholyland.co.uk Kind regards Lisa
Sonia Barzey
1 Nov 2010 10:42AM

Hi everyone and thanks again for your input. I am going ahead and creating Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Infection Control as a distance learning (self-study) pack so CAM practitioners from all over the UK will have access to an affordable course to study. I have just found out today that whilst the CThA will not approve distance learning or e-learning courses of any kind, this course will be worth CThA CPD credits based on the CPD recording guidelines and points awarded for the type of study, so this course should be worth between 5-10 points. This is according to the section of the cpd document which states: Studying on a course not directly related to a treatment, e.g. self help, business, IT etc. - Up to 10 hours - 5 points. I have further details on my website of when the course will be available and who the course is being accredited with. www.orwellreflexology.co.uk/cpd. Sonia
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