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Posted by: Raquel Cabra Gomez, 28 Oct 2009 3:38PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

NHS. I have been asking in hospitals how to work for the NHS but noone knows anything

I wonder if anyone can give me a clue of how to get there. Looking for regular work. I have been a therapist for two years and a half, aand never have more than three clients per week. I work in a centre at new cross, I put flyers, I am in a few web site, but people come a few times when they feel better they go, and I am in an eternal looking for people to massage, and I have been all the time on benefits as I never earn enough money to even rent my place. I would like to have a regular income enough to live thats why I though in NHS. Can anybody inform me how to get a regular job in NHS, or any other place where they pay decent money? thanks raquel


Barbara Lewis
29 Oct 2009 7:19PM

i was in a similar situation and found offering talks to local groups, getting a job teaching at the local colleges or adult education WEA etc was very productive also offering sample sessions at school events fayres etc - offer party plans in peoples homes twenty minute taster sessions for 6-8 people depending on your therapies give the hostess a voucher for a money off treatment for the futur. Get together with other therapists to offer sessions at local health and age concern support groups. I guess it depends to some extent what therapies you are offering, but holistic therapies are not just a treatment they are a wellbeing and preventative therapy - suggest your clients will feel the benefit if they continue with regular treatments - the frequency depends on the clients problems nhs depends on the attitudes of local practitioners, and making contact with perhaps the living well or healthy lifestyle organisers that seem to have been set up in most places or individual health clinics or practices . most doctors surgeries or nhs trusts have training days find out who organises and offer taster treatments or a talk and demonstration. Most importantly believe in what you offer and yourself barb
Barbara Lewis
29 Oct 2009 7:21PM

barb again areas vary but nhs working unless you are medically qualified in some way is likely to be as a volunteer at present - it could be a start barb
Raquel Cabra Gomez
3 Nov 2009 6:21PM

Thank you very much for your reply, very usseful, and good advice. I am starting working with new agency two days per week. step by step getting better. I was a bit down the other day. It was getting too quiet down my end, but I can always try new things. Thanks for your honest advice. Raquel
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