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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 7 Feb 2012 11:14AM
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Offer client a warm drink after a massage?

I always give client a glass of water after massage but I am wondering whether I could offer a coffee or tea, especially if decaffinated, or herbal. I was thinking of asking cafe next door. I would still give glass of water but give free voucher for cafe next door. I give an aftercare sheet to clients which amongst other things advises to drink water to flush out toxins. I would get discount from the cafe, the cafe would get extra trade and also I was going to ask the cafe to put my brochure on the tables. Any thoughts on this would be great. Kind regards Jane


Nicki Lee
7 Feb 2012 2:07PM

Hi Jane, Re drinking water after a massage, especially to flush toxins - this theory has been disputed lately. There is an interesting discussion thread on Linked In about this. As for your idea to work with the cafe for your mutual advantage, that sounds like a great idea to give both of you more exposure. Good luck, hope it works out. Nicki
Sue Hannaford
7 Feb 2012 3:38PM

Hi Nicki That's interesting - could you post the link? Sue x
Kristina Watts
7 Feb 2012 4:15PM

I always offer my clients a small glass of water as well, whether or not it helps with toxins I'm never sure, but I work on the assumption that if you've been lying face down through a face hole for a while, sometimes your mouth can get a bit dry! Mine does anyway. I sometimes see a lovely lady for a facial and she always brings me a cup of chamomile tea in a china cup and saucer after my treatment! It's a lovely touch and I'm always surprisingly glad of it. I think the voucher for the cafe next door sounds like a very nice idea.
Jane Hopwood
7 Feb 2012 4:22PM

Thanks for your views. They are much appreciated. I will ask or buy cafe some teas, etc. Any suggestions on what drinks could be offered? Kind regards Jane
Nicki Lee
7 Feb 2012 4:32PM

I should have said, I do offer a glass of water and often people want one, but it's not because I think they *must* drink it. I'm often thirsty after a treatment as well, don't know if it's from lying prone or just time for a drink. Susan, the link to the Linked In discussion is on the Medical Massage Therapist Group from 4 months ago: http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=2290466&type=member&item=73460818&qid=7dcf243c-cc05-49ec-abf5-3f6173cbe15b&trk=group_items_see_more-0-b-ttl. If you can't access it without being a member you can easily join, or email me and I'm happy to 'invite' you to link with me. Jane, I would definitely ask the cafe if they'd be interested in some mutual referrals before you offer to buy anything! It costs them very little to give away one (non alcoholic!) drink, and often people will buy a snack or lunch or something, so it's definitely good for their trade to have people come in. So I would explore that, and putting your brochures or cards in there, and see what happens. I also wouldn't particularly restrict it to herbal, non-caf, etc - it's really up to your clients what they want. Let us know how it goes. Nicki
Jane Hopwood
8 Feb 2012 6:14AM

Thanks for that. Yes I was thinking healthy drinks but can see now that that would not be allowing personal choice. Good idea. Jane
Kara Bultitude
13 Feb 2012 7:17PM

Hello I always offer my clients water, like previous answers if they have been face down and with the heat generated in the body, I always thought cold drink was better but as a little treat I always give my clients a spoonful of sorbet to cleanse their pallet and refresh. This always goes down very well and clients say its a nice touch at the end of a massage. Hope this helps Kara ( new to this site)
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