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Posted by: Jacqueline Bowyer, 21 May 2007 6:03PM
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Oil stains

Hi there. Does anybody have a miraculous remedy for removing oil stains? I discovered to my horror that I have a large stain on my white overall and have tried everything I can think of to remove it, other than bleach. Any hints/info gratefully received! Looks like I will have to buy new overalls...


Angela Rawlins
21 May 2007 6:08PM

Have you tried any of the stain devils one for oil & grease?
Gill Beresford
22 May 2007 9:42AM

I was given this tip years ago by a young french woman: pile talcum powder on top of the oil mark and leave over night, then wash in the usual way. Mostly works!
Jacqueline Bowyer
22 May 2007 11:42AM

Thanks for that tip - not heard of that one so will give it a go. I've tried every sort of stain devil available to no avail!
faye Quigley
22 May 2007 4:57PM

Sounds mad but works on most stains and grese spots! put some washing up liquid on the stains and then wash as normal
Nicky Bonfield
27 Oct 2007 12:36AM

A little bit of old-fashioned washing soda crystals in the machine usually gets oil stains out of my tunics.
Jacqueline Bowyer
27 Oct 2007 4:35PM

Thanks Nicki - I'll bear that in mind. I found Gill's tip of talc was excellent too.
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