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Posted by: Elizabeth Kerr, 3 May 2013 12:27PM
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On Site Massage agencies

I am in the process of applying to agencies who specialise in Corporate massage. There is not much information on what the work conditions are for therapists who are employed by agencies. I have applied to one agency who specialises in call centres, and entails massage at the client's desk, and the work is considered "challenging". I applied to another agency in January, but have not had anything from them. I would like to work in corporate massage, but I want to be sure that it is something I would enjoy and also that there are opportunities for work. I would really appreciate if anybody who has worked or is working with agencies could help me with any information. I live in the South London area.


Amy Law
3 May 2013 12:45PM

Hi Elisabeth, I know a few therapists who has work from Energise You and they are based in Streatham. Give them a try. Stress Angels are looking for therapists at the moment too. Best regards, Amy
Elizabeth Kerr
3 May 2013 7:31PM

Hi Amy, Thanks a lot for your reply. I appreciate the information you have given me and I will have a look at those agencies you mentioned. Thanks again Elizabeth
Kerry-Ann Goode
20 May 2013 10:55PM

I tried Massage Angels who work at shopping centres. The only problem with them is that they want you to do their own internal training and charge YOU the £50 for it. A bit of a con if you are already trained. I would rather work with a company where you go to work places as the clients actually would like it rather than pestering shoppers!
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