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Posted by: Alison Fabienne Kelly, 11 Jun 2016 8:36PM
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Osteoporosis and massage

I have been contacted by a lady in her 60s who is very keen to have some Swedish massage, to help with her osteoporosis which has been causing her a lot of pain. I am going to ask for her doctors permission to massage, but I am still a little worried. Has anyone else massaged clients with osteoporosis?


Amanda Clegg
12 Jun 2016 12:35AM

In general, massage is helpful, but you need to really know your underlying anatomy and to be less deep. I would suggest some fascia work or restrained TP therapy rather than classic Swedish, and particulary be careful not to manipulate joints.
Frank Thorogood
12 Jun 2016 11:13AM

I agree with Amanda but would also add that you must be very careful not to lift especially around the neck area.
Rosemary Pharo
12 Jun 2016 10:54PM

Hi Alison Here is something from the National Osteoporosis Society: https://www.nos.org.uk/document.doc?id=1357 How old is your client? Adding to the discussion, if they are older, it is also important to bear in mind the loss of subcutaneous fat that often occurs with older people, esp. ladies. So very light strokes and very much avoiding any deep pressure as well as being clear about areas of particular weakness or fractures
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