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Posted by: Natalie Cross, 22 Feb 2007 12:30PM
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Pamper evenings

I am thinking of arranging one of these evenings in the hope of gaining new clients as I am just starting my business. I have heard of pamper evenings, in school halls, church halls etc where a number of therapists from different areas take part and also pamper evenings in people houses. Does anyone have any experience/views of these events or can give me some info of where to start? Thanks


Tamlyn Ennever
28 Feb 2007 1:16PM

Hi Natalie, I have done something similar to what you are looking to do. I have a client who has recently had a baby and gets together with several other 'mums' in the area. My client has been trying to get the other mums to book me for a treatment, but they find it difficult to put some time aside for themselves. So we decided to do a day of treatments at one of the mums homes. It was like their normal 'coffee' morning but with a lovely massage treat. I only did half hour treatments as they were concerned about their little ones, but it was very successful. As there are loads of mums they get together with, and I was only able to treat 6 clients that day, we will be holding more in the future. Another client of mine is also looking to do something similar with me next month. Its a great way to offer your services and give them a taste of what you have to offer. Kind regards Tamlyn Andrews
Natalie Cross
28 Feb 2007 9:55PM

Tamlyn, what a great idea! I do have some people in mind in a similar position to your friend who I'm sure would be able to get a group of women together. Thanks for your reply. Natalie
Tamlyn Ennever
1 Mar 2007 11:05AM

Best of luck Natalie Tamlyn
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