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Posted by: Caroline Platt, 25 Aug 2010 1:24PM
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photographs for website

I am currently finishing my website and would like a photo of myself massaging in my therapy room. Has anyone done this for their own website and if so did they use a professional photographer or used one of the more upto date digital cameras and had someone they know take it. Obviously I would want a good quality photo for my site, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Caroline Platt


Marian Child
26 Aug 2010 9:27AM

I used to have photos of me performing a massage on my website. in a previous life I was a professional photographer and used a timer to take the photos. If you are going to take photos yourself, I just thought I would give you a few suggestions, which may or may not be obvious. - get permission of the person you are taking the photo of. - decided what you want a photo of - Before you start, take a photo of the approximate angle and then check the image to ensure you have managed to get everything you expect in. - then check it again for anything you want to remove that clutters up the photo. Electric leads, bits of paper, furniture which distracts from what you are trying to show. - what is the lighting like, is it too dark/light. do you need to change your angle. - borrow a tripod so you can use a timer - with the client, make sure the towels are neat, hair is neat - try not to get any oil on the camera - enjoy the massage session even though you are staging it. Good Luck
Gillian Kenyon
7 Sep 2010 11:39AM

It is well worth doing both things. If you can not afford a Professional then digital photos taken by a friend can be useful. You can edit them using a free software package called Piccassa. Downloadable from the internet. If you need a Professional, you would be best asking for a package of photos and to take your couch to his studio where he can creat a set. This does cost but it is worthwhile contacting the phographer: phil.hackney@image-n.net
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