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Posted by: Jodie Wadmore, 27 Feb 2012 3:01PM
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Hi there, Can anyone give me some answers to the following: 1) Do you need planning permission if you are going to run your massage business from a room in your own home? 2) Do you need a license for every borough you intend to work in (if you decide to be mobile etc)? Thanks for your help!


Angela Rawlins
27 Feb 2012 4:32PM

Hi Jodie It can depend on the area. (I don't massage but have friends who do) Check with a local friend to see what they do. I don't have a licence etc and my friends don't either. Better to check with locals first.
Jodie Wadmore
27 Feb 2012 4:46PM

Hi Angela, Thanks for responding. I have spoken to my council and have been told I don't need a license for my borough (because I'm a member of CThA), but that I do need planning permission. The planning forms look very confusing and I'll also have to pay a fee! Oh well, it's the procedures we need to go through. I just wonder if in the future I decide to go mobile if I'll have to get a license or enquire about it to all boroughs I might work in. It will just be a lot of effort and expensive if you end up working all over!
Angela Rawlins
27 Feb 2012 4:55PM

! Usual problem, post code lottery!! I don't know why you need Planning permission? I've a room that I use at home that obviously I did need planning permission because we had a small extension on but it was only for the building. I assume you may be using an existing room? Do you live where people will have to park on the road? I think a lot of therapists just go ahead and say nothing because they c=may end up paying more than they earn. Did they say why you needed planning permission?
Jodie Wadmore
27 Feb 2012 6:22PM

Well apparently you have to apply for a proposed lawful development certificate??? No I'm not using a room that's an extension at all. I think I'm going to call them again, because it all seems confusing and costly!
Amanda Clegg
28 Feb 2012 12:47PM

I think, as a self employed person, you can use a proportion of your house quite legitimately unless there are any restrictions which will probably be detailed in your lease or deeds. There will be a knock-on effect on your house insurance if cleints are coming to the house - you'll need to talk to ins co or broker. I negotiated a maximum number of clients (15 a week Ithink) but there might be some restrictions on cover - eg if a client nicked something.
Angela Rawlins
28 Feb 2012 4:48PM

Good Jodie, I think its a load of old rope:) So long as you are not obstructing the highway and causing a nuisance to the neighbours, I don't think you should pay anything.
Jodie Wadmore
19 Apr 2012 9:15AM

Just to give everyone an update. After trying to get this sorted with the planning department of my council, it has been confirmed that you do need to submit an application form for a proposed lawful development and pay a fee. It has not been a straight forward process and I'm sure after submitting the application that won't be the end of it either. Councils do not make it easy for home therapists, I have been grilled on what hours, days and how many clients I will have etc etc and none of these questions can be answered realistically until you start. What is frustrating about this is that there are so many people operating out there who have not gone through these official steps. I have gone about it the right way and it feels like I'm being penalised for it. I wish someone would have informed us of all the red tape you have to battle through when you start your training, its not easy! Good luck to all those in the same position, it really brings you down.
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