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Posted by: Camilla Louise Robbins, 6 May 2011 3:29PM
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Portable massage table advice

Hey Can you help? My beloved aluminium lightweight (massage master ultralite) massage table is giving up on me and squeaking constantly as I work. Very frustrating. I cannot seem to order this or similar anywhere so need to look at others. At only 10-12kg (depending on what extras I use) and having lasted me well for 3 years with constant use I would love to get advice on another one to order before I have to seriously consider a previously used model from Australia that will cost me considerably more. Any advice would be appreciated from experience of anyone. I mostly practice sports and remedial massage so need something sturdy! can you advise. Mia


Sue Hannaford
6 May 2011 4:08PM

Check through the forums - there have been threads on this subject already. Good luck.
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 4:39PM

Hi Camilla Make sure the new one takes large heavy people, you don't want litigation! My husband suggested some years ago when I was choosing a couch, to make sure it took heavy people and that's very important for you as you must press down hard. I've a 'Darley' wonderful couch, not that light weight but lovely. Unfortunately they're no longer in business:(
Nicki Lee
6 May 2011 5:35PM

I always like to check out a purchase like this personally and test it out - there are some exhibitions coming up and the trade stands usually have a few people selling couches. Otherwise the advice to make sure it is not only sturdy but takes weight is very good. Also, just in case your old one was one height, make sure you can adjust the legs to alter the height (although most decent couches do this now, they haven't always.) Happy Shopping!
Deborah Wright
6 May 2011 6:05PM

Hi Mia, I agree with the other ladies,I am about to purchase one myself. I have found one with a max weight 350kg. www.SportandLeisureUK.com/massage Hope this helps Deborah
Amanda Clegg
6 May 2011 6:07PM

I've had an Oakworks one for 8 years now - still going strong and looks as new! Expensive but really well worth it. Went to MAssage Table Store near Gloucester to try them all out. Really nice helpful company. http://www.massagetablestore.com/browse_40 I think this is very similar to mine.
Nicki Lee
6 May 2011 6:14PM

One more thought as you are shopping - mine has not only a head rest instead of a face hole but also an arm rest for when people are on prone. All of my clients really like this, and some who have had a lot of massage make a point of commenting on how comfortable the couch is compared to treatments they have had elsewhere. I find it's much easier to access neck and shoulders, get movement into shoulders and arms when necessary, and supporting the arms is not only more comfortable for them but puts the shoulder in a better position for massage. Just more options to consider. Nicki
Camilla Louise Robbins
6 May 2011 6:17PM

Thank you so much for all of this! Great advice. Did have an oakworks once before but again it squeaked too much. Nicki what table do you have and when you say arm-rest do you mean the once that are attaching underneath the adjustable face cradles. The table I have at present that is giving up on me has this and I totally agree, they are invaluable!
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 6:23PM

Camilla Make sure that you pull out the legs properly:) I find my darley squeaks if I haven't made sure the legs are fully out - there isn't much but it seems to make a difference. And, mine like the other ladys has a face cradle with arm rest - SO MUCH nicer - I hate face holes:))
Nicki Lee
6 May 2011 6:45PM

The sad news is that it's a Darley too! (Actually an electric model anyway.) But I've seen portable couches with the head rest support and arm rests as you describe. I think they were Darley too :( But if you shop around you may be able to find these options. One thing also to look for if possible is an adjustable head rest. Most are static, mine you can tilt up or down a bit to allow for clients' neck position to be altered. This is fantastic as just a slight adjustment can make a difference to their comfort and your access to the neck.
Amanda Clegg
7 May 2011 12:22AM

the adjustable stick-out head-rest/face cradle is what's also great about my Oakworks - and the arm rest below. Plus it's hourglass-shaped which means you have enough width for arms but easy access for therapist. Weighs in at about 11.5kg in bag (which incidentally has also lasted since new apart from one clip on the strap)
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