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Posted by: Ann Elizabeth Barker, 3 Oct 2013 6:23AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Posting in forums

Hello colleagues, The forums tend to be full of adverts for courses and workshops, which I find very useful as I'm sure you do, yet this is posted Please do not use forums to advertise courses. Forums Disclaimer and when I try and post my one day workshop I get it returned to me as denied. Where is the "Professional help when you need it" Any comments apreciated Ani


Angela Rawlins
3 Oct 2013 7:28AM

Hi, adverts should be put on the relevant forum for them. The usual group forum is for therapists to ask for assistance etc and for the local group co ordinate to communicate with group members. I find that I am getting lots of irrelevant adverts which fill up my emails and time. They are much better under a separate forum do members can find what they need.
Nicki Lee
3 Oct 2013 9:25AM

Angela, what would be the forum for advertising courses? I don't think there is one, but it's a good idea.
Ann Elizabeth Barker
3 Oct 2013 9:30AM

As far as I can see you can only advertise CThA approved courses, and you have to pay to get them approved, which is why most people just put them up on the regular forums and chance it. I think there should be a free way of doing this, but CThA do not agree. Personally I don't feel I get my moneys worth and am considering switching to another association.
Angela Rawlins
3 Oct 2013 9:59AM

Well, I can see The CThA's point on unapproved courses. Having been caught out in the past, having paid a considerable amount if money to find the course worthless to me:( I feel, if they are not approved, they should be called 'workshops, because the attendee will not be able to say they have an approved certificate in it an enhance their status. To have to pay for approval is right, because someone has to investigate the course to see if the standards are up to the requirement needed. I am a coordinator and really don't want myself or members inundated. I hope this doesn't upset your plans, but you could ring the CThA and ask for them to put on a specific forum
Vilas Chauhan
4 Oct 2013 4:32PM

Hi The CThA does not allow any courses to be posted on the forums. The correct procedure for advertising courses on the CThA website is to submit them for approval via www.ctha.com/Education/ - just follow the instructions on this page. Kind regards Vilas
Ann Elizabeth Barker
4 Oct 2013 4:50PM

The CThA may not allow courses to be advertised, but 90% of all the messages that come through to me are for courses. I have no problem with that. But just because a course is not approved by CThA, that does not mean that it is not accredited by other bodies.
Angela Rawlins
4 Oct 2013 5:22PM

Hi Ann Of course that may be so, but they are not accredited with the CThA and that is the point. The other associations may have different requirements. The reason that the course advertisements were blocked is because people were not taking notice of the Do not post courses on the group forums. I get a lot of emails and I have to check every one to see if it might be a member trying to obtain help in some way. If the course is accredited by the CThA, then it can be listed in the magazine and also hopefully on the appropriate section of this site.
Angela Rawlins
4 Oct 2013 5:25PM

See the heading 'Education'
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