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Posted by: Ulla H Dormer, 16 Apr 2013 5:15PM
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Pricing treatment report

A client have asked me to provide a report explaining his treatments to the board reviewing his benefits. I have written a report covering assessment, treatment and outcome, but I am not sure what to charge for the report. He comes to me on a weekly basis and insists he pays for the report. Hope someone can help. Thanks Ulla


Nicki Lee
16 Apr 2013 6:04PM

Ulla, That's a hard one! I guess I would look at how long it took to compile - did you write a detailed report on every treatment, or was it a more general report? My guess would be something like £10 or £20, but I could be way out here. I've been paid I think £50 for a report for a solicitor, but it was a long time ago and can't remember the details. I've also done at no cost. Good luck!
Sue Hannaford
16 Apr 2013 8:13PM

Hi Ulla A general guide would be the same as you charge for an hour's appointment - obviously if it took you 10 minutes then probably charge less - but I suspect it will have taken you that long at least!
Ulla H Dormer
16 Apr 2013 9:00PM

Hi Nicki and Susan Thank you for you replies, i did spend at least an hour on the report in the end. I'll probably charge for half an hour as he is good repeat business. Thanks again Ulla
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