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Posted by: Anna Anderson LCHE, 5 Feb 2011 3:41PM
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Protecting therapists joints

Hi does anyone else experience elbow aching after giving massage? Think originally I was not taught great techniques to prevent this. Sincethen have learnt to use elbows and forearms mostly but still feel some strain. Love giving massage but want to protect myself, any hints and tips? Many thanks Anna


Roushan Martens
5 Feb 2011 3:57PM

I had an elbow problem last year, and getting really good massage for myself helped - you do this, right? ;) If you look in the Trigger Point Therapy workbook by Clair Davies, there are various muscles which may be tight around your scapula from doing your work, and lead to pain in the elbow - supraspinatus, subscapularis, serratus posterior superior mainly, I think. You'll need a massage or a thera-cane (big crook-shaped self-massage thing) to get at them, mostly! Hope that helps.
Mike Colquhoun
7 Feb 2011 10:37AM

Angela Rawlins
7 Feb 2011 5:22PM

Perhaps there should be classes specifically training people how to actually look after them selves first!
Stephen Campbell
8 Feb 2011 5:07PM

The are excellent training courses to help therapists look after themselve's. I highly recommend the - "Limbatics Forearm Technique". www.limbaticmassage.com
Angela Rawlins
8 Feb 2011 8:01PM

There is also No Hands Massage, but I think the trainers should teach you when you're learning massage! I don't do massage by the way. I' a reflexologist, just as important to look after your hands, which they didn't teach either when I was a student.
Urvashi Patel
28 Apr 2011 2:35PM

HI, I do Reflexology and have found my thumb and hand joints are sometimes painful. It would be great if someone could advise if I'm doing something wrong.
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