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Posted by: Kathryn Kemp, 15 Aug 2012 10:20AM
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Question for Reflexologists

Hi there Does anyone have any experience of reflexology helping with neuropathy (nerve pain) from trauma.? Many thanks Kathy Massage Therapist


Angelina Kelly
26 Aug 2012 9:47AM

Hi Kathryn, Without breaking confidence, what is the nature of the trauma and where is the pain. Regards Angelina
Kathryn Kemp
26 Aug 2012 9:59AM

Hi Angelina Severe lower leg injury from accident - lots of tissue lost hence nerve damage. Just wondered if reflexology could help.? Kind regards Kathy
Angelina Kelly
26 Aug 2012 10:19AM

Hi Kathy, Firstly the work you do will have to be very gentle, massage rather than true reflexology. Concentrate on lateral (little toe) side of foot going right up into the mid calf. Also the heel and ankle areas especially the sciatic areas. The adrenals for pain relief and the solar plexus for calmness. Of course the whole foot needs to be worked but do it gently. Hope this helps. Angelina
Kathryn Kemp
26 Aug 2012 10:44AM

Thanks Angelina, I'm not a reflexologist so will refer client on - just didn't want to waste their time and money if it definitely wouldn't/couldn't help. Kind regards Kathy
Angelina Kelly
26 Aug 2012 10:55AM

Hi Kathy, You could also strongly consider Rescue Remedy which is one of the Bach Flower Remedies and is specifically for shock and trauma, this will help on the emotional and mental levels and will also assist in pain relief from an indirect prospective. Regards Angelina
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