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Posted by: Yoshimi Kuroda, 26 Aug 2012 8:10PM
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Question to Aromatherapists

Hi, As I'm not qualified in Aromatherapy, I don't have the in depth knowledge on essential oils. If any Aromatherapists can answer my little question, that will be great! One of my client mentioned that she uses neat Tea tree oil to treat spots, cuts etc. My understanding of essential oils was "never ever use neat oil directly onto skin". Then I've read some internet suggesting Tea tree oil is one of two that can be used neat. I'm curious to find out what is the recommendation from professionals. Is it a safe practice? Thanks! Yoshimi


Victoria Page
26 Aug 2012 9:47PM

Hi Yoshimi The only two I use neat are lavender and tea tree. Victoria :)
Yvonne Jevons
27 Aug 2012 1:22AM

Hi Yoshimi, Neat essential oils can be used safely other than Lavender and Tea Tree - all depends on the purity and quality of plant material used in the distillation process as well as the method of distillation. A touchy subject I know, however having used neat oils for over 15 years on myself (with no ill effects) and during the Raindrop Technique (accepted and insured by CThA and other Aromatherapy bodies) which I have been practising for over 12 years, I have had vast experience in the benefits of not diluting the high quality oils I use - thereby providing a much higher vibration or resonance to assist clients to clear their emotional baggage and support them in this process. Not all essential oils are the same quality - as you investigate further into this area you discover that many are not quite what they claim to be and aren't as therapeutic in quality as they possibly could be. I hope that helps look at things form a slightly different perspective. Kindest regards Yvonne
Yoshimi Kuroda
29 Aug 2012 8:18PM

Thanks ladies. That was very informative. I learnt something new! Very interesting! Regards Yoshimi
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