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Posted by: Maureen McGonigle, 21 Oct 2010 9:53AM
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I'm a reflexologist with a client currently having radiotherapy for breast cancer. I'm uncertain as whether it is safe to treat both for myself and her while she is undergoing the treatment. Has anyone any experience of this? I can't find a definite answer and is there a time period I should wait before attempting to treat.? Client receives radiotherapy every day for a month and depends on treatments to boost her energy levels. Thank you. Maureen.


Angelina Kelly
21 Oct 2010 10:37AM

As a breast cancer survivor and practicing Reflexologist who went through radiotherapy, I can honestly say that my weekly sessions of reflexology were the very things that got me through treatment. I looked forward to my session during the week and looking forward to it gave me the strength to get through the bad times during the week. I suggest reflexology type massage rather than true reflexology. An exceptionally gently touch is all that is needed. Sometimes simply holding and stroking the feet is enough. I would also suggest that your client ask her doctors for permission to receive reflexology that way you are covered. Reflexology is one of the most comforting things that a cancer patient can have, it really makes the person feel loved and cared for. Listen to her concerns, offer her no medicines of any sort other then the Bach Flower Remedies and make sure she takes her advice only from the doctors treating her. Tell her, please, not to listen to the good advice of well meaning people. Cancer patients are the strongest people on the earth, they have neither the time, patience or wellness to put up with bullshit so be honest, open and straight with your client. Good luck, you have an angel in your hands, cherish that.
Maureen McGonigle
21 Oct 2010 4:19PM

Thank you so much for your advice and kind words Angelina. My client's hospital consultant already knows that she has been receiving the treatment but I was concerned as I often get the impression that the power of these treatments are appreciated by conventional medical practitioners. I treated the client directly after the radiotherapy last week and I was aware that the dorsal aspect of the foot appeared to be so hot it felt like it was cooking. This calmed down during the treatment and was a normal and even temperature by the end of the treatment. I felt as though my fingers were burning after the treament and this continued throughout the day. That was why I was a little concerned as I've had no experience of this before. I have been treating this client for years for another condition and she always gets great benefit from the sessions. I'm glad that I continue as before to facilitate her recovery. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and I'm glad you have triumphed over your own cancer. Thanks again. Maureen.
Angela Rawlins
21 Oct 2010 6:13PM

Thanks Angelina for your comments - great reassurance to Reflexologists that the therapy can give help. Also for the knowledge imparted:)) I have a cancer sufferer at the moment - lung cancer but she had Reiki and told me that she had slept for the first time in ages for 6 whole hours:)) I have also had a friend with lung cancer and she found it helpful to have gentle Reflexology and Reiki before Chemo - this enabled her to cope better with the side effects Angela
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