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Posted by: Kathleen Urquhart, 4 Jan 2007 9:33PM
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Recommend a Sports Massage Courses

Can anyone recommend a good sports massage course? there just appears to be so many out there and I am not sure which ones are the best. Im ideally looking for an intensive one as I know I will have to travel to do the course. I anyone can recommend ones that would be great Thanks Kat


Trevor England
20 Jan 2007 2:42PM

Hey Kat I did mine in London at Citylit, the teacher (Jacquline ball) was great, really knows her stuff and is passionate about the subject. Hope that helps trevor
Suzannah King
21 Jan 2007 10:26AM

Hi Kathleen, I have recently started a sports massage course with The Natural Health School in Thames Ditton (about a 20 min train ride form central london) and i have been very impressed so far. The teacher Jane Johnson is excellent and really knows her stuff plus her teaching methods are very good. She herself is an examiner for the APNT so she knows what is required. Its a 6 month course which includes 15 tuition days in blocks of threes, wed-fri during the day. Have a look on their website for details. Hope you find somewhere. Suzie
Olivia Goodfellow
17 Aug 2008 11:28PM

London School of Sports Massage-the best there is-and the CV that will get you work! Olivia
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