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Posted by: Tania Chew, 6 May 2011 7:24PM
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Reflexology and pregnancy

Hello, I recently qualified as a reflexologist this March. I have a lady who is due to have her baby in the next 6-8 weeks. She has asked if she can have the treatment. Are there any dos and donts please before I decide to treat? Any help would be really appreciated.


Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 8:34PM

Hi I would avoid the ovary and uterus reflexes till about two weeks before delivery also the calves as these are referal areas. When the baby is viable, then it can aid delivery without being over due. The mother will not like being tipped up to far back as her bump with push up her stomach - thats if you're using a lafuma or similar chair. A massage couch is uncomfortable as she will be resting on her cocyx, so, you will need to prop her up with cushions:) I found that the baby would decide to move when I started treatment:)) Good luck
Tania Chew
6 May 2011 9:00PM

Thank you for your advice. Do I really need her to sign some sort of consent form before treating? Or am I being over cautious?
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 9:10PM

Hi Tania I 'always' take a consultation making the client sign below and they must inform me of any changes to health during treatments. You could also add that she has informed her medical practitioners that she is receiving treatment, if she hasn't advise her she should and you must make sure that she signs below to say that she has been informed. You are not responsible for her medical care, her GP is. Do not get alarmed, pregnancy is normal:) The main concerns are within the first three months - check to see if she has had any problems with any previous pregnancies - miscarriage etc - go gently. Usually its the first three months that may be a concern, so we don't treat till fourth month.
Gillian Exley
8 May 2011 9:48PM

Hi Tania,I am a Maternity Reflexologist. I would also avoid the pituitary during the last few weeks of pregnancy as stimulation can lead to contractions. Reflexology is a lovely relaxing treatment for pregnant women, many ailments can be relieved just by reducing stress and anxiety about the labour. Concentrate on the solar plexus and the nervous system, use smooth even pressure with slow repetitive strokes to comfort and reassure. Reflexology can really prepare the body for labour, you should gently work the pelvic floor which should soften towards the time of delivery. Watch out for the baby bulge - a soft, warm, pink area covering the uterus and bladder reflexes. This should be treated with the most gentle care. Good luck and hope everything goes well. Gill :)
Tania Chew
9 May 2011 8:53AM

Hi thank you for your advice its is really appreciated.
Angela Rawlins
9 May 2011 6:07PM

Hi Please look at this web site http://www.maternityreflexology.net/ and the article right down at the bottom right hand side. You will find it very interesting, I certainly did! An article saying that reflexology can cause miscarriage/abortions
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