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Posted by: Corinne McCrea, 1 Aug 2011 10:08PM
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Reflexology: Cyst on ankle

Hi, I have been treating a client for the past year who has cysts around her ankle tendons. Only after her last session has she noticed that a cyst had moved downwards, towards the metatarsal and is now causing discomfort and especially to her big toe. Can reflexology disloge cysts? Has anyone come accross a similar case? Also, would it be possible to move the cyst back in its place? any advice welcome! Corinne


Amanda Clegg
2 Aug 2011 12:21AM

Hm, I rather think a gp referral might be in order - probably quite easy to have cyst removed with nitrogen or simple surgery, but not sure it's a good idea to have it 'moving about' particularly if its impeding joints. Good luck!
Angelina Kelly
2 Aug 2011 1:55PM

Hi Corinne, I suggest you temporarily stop treating your client and have it checked by a doctor. Get whatever tests can be done especially checking for cancer. Only when you have received clearance should you return to treating. Angelina Kelly Reflexologist
Corinne McCrea
3 Aug 2011 11:36PM

Thanks for your comments. I will have a chat with my client and stop further treatment until the problem is sorted! Kind regards Corinne
Angelina Kelly
4 Aug 2011 9:43AM

Hi corinne, Good idea. I always think it's better to be safe rather than sorry it's better to loose a client because you were over cautious rather than to be sued for mis-treating one. The chances are your client will trust you even more now and become the one who will refer others to you. It also makes the doctors take us seriously and regard us as professionals (begrudgingly though it will be). Good luck, keep in touch Angelina
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