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Posted by: Deborah Wright, 6 Aug 2011 4:41PM
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Reflexology FB World Count

On Facebook there is a Reflexology World Count. You can link up with Relexologists from around the world, lots of tips and advice to be had. It has been set up by Mauricio Kruchek an expert Maternity Reflexoloogist/ Lecturer/ Author.


Jane Hopwood
12 Aug 2011 5:55PM

Hi, I am new to facebook, although I am registered. Can u tell me a link or some advice how to to find this. Thanks Jane
Deborah Wright
13 Aug 2011 8:58AM

Hi Jane, im new to Facebook also. If you type in Reflexologists World Count in the search bar on your home page it should come up. If you have any problems let me know and i will add you on through my homepage. Kind Regards Deborah
Jane Hopwood
15 Aug 2011 6:29PM

Hi. sorry, not familiar with FB and couldnt find a link. So yes please add me on and tell me how to get that would be great. Best wishes Jane
Deborah Wright
16 Aug 2011 9:04AM

Hi Jane, i tried adding you to World Count but i need to add you as a friend. I typed in your name and a list of Jane Hopwood came up but not knowing what you look like i didnt know who to enter. Could you tell me what you look like or the area you come from. Kind Regards Deborah
Jane Hopwood
17 Aug 2011 8:11AM

Hi, thanks Ive found it on facebook now. Should wear my glasses! I had typed in word instead of world. Thanks Jane
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