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Posted by: Penny Lowe, 3 Dec 2007 10:49PM
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reflexology in a corporate setting

Hello, Does anyone have any advice about approaching companies who may offer reflexology to their staff at a subsidised rate or during work time etc. I am not sure whether this really happens much in large organisations and how much a therapist might realistically expect to make doing this. Also do people tend to offer shorter relaxation only style sessions or full therapeutic treatments in a workplace? If anyone has any experience I would be interested to hear as I would rather not waste my time pursuing this if other therapists have found that it does not work in practice. Best wishes Penny


Roushan Martens
3 Dec 2007 11:09PM

Hi Penny, I'm not a reflexologist, but I do massage, EFT and reiki in a corporate setting. I charge £16 for half an hour, £28 for an hour (roughly what I charge at a therapy centre minus room rental). I would say that I got lucky in being in the right place when a corporate client was looking to introduce therapies - it's hard work getting them on board. Look at Tunde Oshodi's free e-book for some ideas - it's really good, and it's on a thread further down in this same forum. Once you have a corporate client on board, they can be a great reliable source of income. It may take you some time to build up a regular client base, but it's well worth it. I'm not sure how likely companies are to go for just reflexology - do you have any other therapies under your belt? If not, it may be worth getting together with another therapist or two, and selling yourselves as offering a broader range of therapies. From what I can gather, reflexology can be a bit harder to sell than massage (which people are familiar with), although once you have people on board, they know how great it is. Maybe consider offering a batch of 10-minute tasters (reduced price, rather than free, if you can - in my experience, people mistrust freebies, and don't take you seriously) so people can experience it. Make sure you emphasise the BENEFITS - what can your clients expect to feel after a reflexology treatment, what can it help with, etc. Hope that's helpful!
Ruth Maguire
3 Dec 2007 11:32PM

Hi Penny, I have work at with corporate clients at the moment. Reflexology by itself is just fab for the workplace no need for any other therapy! I offer employees the choice of 1/2 or full 1 hr sessions. The employer "gives" them the time off to attend and they pay for their treatment. No hefty discounts no freebies. Certain staff do get a lower rate but the company subsidises this. Use your existing network of friends, family ex work colleagues to as a "way in" and don't sell yourself short. Good luck!
Penny Lowe
4 Dec 2007 9:25PM

Thank you for those ideas - very helpful. I feel encouraged now to go for it. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated to branch into new areas and these forums can be quite useful for that. Thanks again. Penny
Amanda Clegg
25 Mar 2008 8:36PM

Roucha - I'm mainly wondering why you are undercutting yourself by charging less in hte corporae setting than at your salon premises? Surely there is an opportunity to maximise profit -and if you think about it, you are actually saving corporate clients lots of time (and therefore money) by coming to them - they are very unlikely to come to your premises for further treatments if they have to pay more there, so you are limiting your client-base,in a way. Don't sell yourself too cheap! Regards Amanda
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