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Posted by: Geraldine Tonks, 30 Dec 2005 4:03PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hello I'm concerned about the possible charges for registration. At the moment I offer Reflexology, Massage and Hopi Ear Candle Treatments. Would I need to pay for 3 lots of registration? Are other people concerned about the cost of registration? As a therapiest who only works part time, these charges may lead me to put down my massage oil! In reality though, it may mean that I focus solely on one area. Does anyone know how much registration may be? I think it's a really positive thing in general, but I'm sure it will lead to some very good Therapist calling it a day. Relly interested to hear your thoughts. Happy new year to you all Geraldine


Mariette Lobo
30 Dec 2005 5:51PM

Hi Geraldine - glad to know there are some "embodied" members out there! Like you, I, too, am uneasy about this whole registration process (even though I think it will be a good thing in the long run) - largely due to a lack of debate/communication about it all, especially in Scotland. The latest AC (Aromatherapy Council's) newsletter had an article about multi-therapists, and so did the latest Embody magasine. However, the most interesting is in the recent edition of Essentially Oils Limited (the free newsletter published by Essentially Oils - www.essentiallyoils.com). It's headed "Meeting The Challenge" and raises very pertinent concerns. In a nutshell: "Groups representing CAM are well aware that their industry has a serious image problem and that they need to use PR more effectively. ...the fact that there are so many associations vying for atention, often with different messages, is not helping raise credibility". Then there is the added problem of many insurance companies insuring any and everyone who can produce a certificate - even if it is a weekend course! This is something the AC is very concerned about and intends remedying. It appears the Foundation for Integrated Health (FIH), funded by the Government (DoH) has taken the lead and is developing regulatory guidelines for certain alternative practitioners. Given the paucity of information from CAM professional bodies liaising with FIH (who give the impression of wanting to compete rather than cooperate with one another!), I have tried to contact FIH direct to find out the score (in Scotland) but haven't got past a very unhelpful switchboard. Nor have I had any response to telephone message or emails. Might you have more luck? My overall impression is of muddle, confusion, and lack of information. An apathetic, dis-Embodied membership does little to ensure these bodies genuinely represent the interests of their members. Mariette
Marianne Free Allitt
30 Dec 2005 8:20PM

I've been thinking the same...I think Embody and other major organisations seem to be striving that we get the best deals though.
John Dent
30 Jan 2006 7:28PM

Hi, Apologies for a late response on Registration. We are deeply involved as an organisation in the process. A recent conference has set out the favoured system as being a Federal one where many therapies are all in one regulatory body. This has been our policy for the past 7 years! It suits multi-disciplined practitioners the best. Details are being worked out and nothing will become set up for 18 months or so. We plan to look after our members' interests fully and make it as easy as possible for those who wish to be registered (it will be Voluntary). Please keep looking at the Magasine and soon we will have a webpage devoted to Regulation. John Dent Director of CThA and Embody
John Dent
30 Jan 2006 7:30PM

Furthet to my comment above.... Our idea is that there is not a set of fees for each therapy (as was once proposed) but that there is one Registration fee and perhaps (but we don't know yet) a small fee per therapy. John dent
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 3:52PM

Can someone from EMBODY please update this to show just what a mess the whole things has become ?.
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