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Posted by: Claudia McIlroy, 18 Sep 2010 11:40PM
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Registration with the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

Hi there, has anyone registered with the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners? If so were you able to get any GP referrals? It states on their webpage (www.nhsdirectory.org): 'Research shows that, there is a growing enthusiasm among the general public for all forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners provides a means of connecting patients requiring therapy with practitioners who wish to work, directly or indirectly, with the NHS, via their GP. The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners enables GPs , via their computer, or the printed register, to access details of appropriate local practitioners quickly and easily during the consultation. The directory provides the GP with detailed information concerning the fees, qualifications and treatments offered by individual practitioners. The patient will have the reassurance of a GP referral, and of knowing that any practitioner in the directory will be one who has registered their desire to work with the NHS.' I'm interested in your experiences with NHS and your views. Thank you, Claudia


Mariette Lobo
19 Sep 2010 7:22AM

Claudia - there have been many posts on this "organisation" on various professional body forums (perhaps even the CThA)in the past. Firstly, they are not an NHS or NHS affiliated organisation - nor do they have any ties or contact with the NHS (England or Scotland). They are "private" and have set up a therapists! database - and charge for this.
Barbara Lewis
19 Sep 2010 10:06AM

i registered with this organisation years ago no referrals at all had some heated argument with them and discovered like many other supposedly nhs linked organisations that they do not in my area at least have any contacts as described it was acomplete waste of money this may be different in other areas of the country with different PCTS sometimes some individual doctors seem to support such things but it seems its not as widespread as the organisation advertises i have also been "fleeced" by nhs discount booklet, an organisation supposedly the one representing the staff discount booklet assured me that every one working at the local nhs would get the booklet with my advert offering discount it only went to new empployees at the local hospital if at all and the following year another organisation rang with the same advertising speil !! i have also had innumerable calls offering me advertising on the back of appointment cards for local surgeries including one for aromatherapy for the antinatal clinic ! talking to the doctors they are not able to recomment complementary therapists so it is only by association that any referrals may come fro m this source the same applies to tv promotions in surgeries I am sure that different areas of the country may be more forward thinking but my advice is to check out yourself with your local pct,foundation trust, hospital or surgery manager their policy on complementary therapies and recommendations and try to get into the education programme giving talks to nurses etc Reading this it sounds very negative but it was always going to be an exponential growth of re acceptance of the necessity for complementary therapy in the medical establishments - it is happening slowly I am in fact about to do some research into complementary therapies in the nhs in my area in preparation for a talk i am giving to the local foundation hospital watch this space Barb
Claudia McIlroy
19 Sep 2010 10:03PM

Hi Barb, thank you very much for this. It's a great help as this looked genuinly like NHS related. I'm very intersted in your research. It's almost impossible here to get any referrals. Please keep me posted :-) thank you, Claudia
Claudia McIlroy
19 Sep 2010 10:06PM

Thank you Mariette I'll keep trying...
Gillian Kenyon
20 Sep 2010 3:05PM

Hi All If you go back through the posts over many many years, you might even find that I posted a Warning about NHS Directory then This was an IT organisation who produced on-line databases. They produced listings of Doctors and Medical Professionals for some NHS regions at the time - and funded it by selling us therapists a listing as Complementary therapists that nobody ever read and definately did NOT generate any GP referrals to any Complementary therapists. GP's can not refer to any Complementary Therapist who is not MEDICALLY trained. Their insurance won't allow it.
Jane Hopwood
20 Sep 2010 5:22PM

Thanks Gillian for your great advice. It is much appreciated. We are all the much wiser now. i definately am. Kind regards Jane
Claudia McIlroy
20 Sep 2010 8:38PM

Thank you Gillian :-)
Ruth Eagin
13 May 2013 11:11PM

Just reading some old post on the subject of NHS research regarding Complementary therapies and also regarding registration for Complementary Therapists in this sector and wondered if anyone had any updated news from any research carried out?
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